Obama’s numbers improve in NJ, decline nationally

President Obama’s attempt to convert his “war onto religious freedom” into a Republican “war on women” seems to be working in New Jersey, but is falling flat nationally according to two polls released this week.

The FDU Public Mind Poll released this morning shows that the President’s approval rating in New Jersey jumped to 51%.  In January, only 46% approved of Obama’s performance.  Women approve by a 24 point margin, 58%-34%, while men disapprove by 49% to 43%.

In a NYTimes/CBS poll national poll released on Monday, only 41% approved of Obama while 47% disapproved.  In February Obama scored a 50% approval rating in the NYTimes/CBS poll.  Obama’s support among women declined, “even as the debate raged over birth control insurance coverage.”

Both polls indicated that despite his weak numbers and the electorate’s discontent, that Obama would be relected if the election were today.  Voters, including Republicans, are not enthused by the Republican challengers.

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One Comment on “Obama’s numbers improve in NJ, decline nationally”

  1. Mark said at 2:56 pm on March 14th, 2012:

    The sad fact always unmentioned and unnoticed about Obama polls is that he has the press covering for him, glossing over his mistakes and blowing out of proportion his perceived successes.