Howell Democrats Endorse Independent For Township Council

Howell Democrat candidate for Council, John Bonevich, right, with Gov Murphy and Mayor Berger, endorsed his Independent opponent, Michael Bernstein

There are three seats on the Howell Township Council on the ballot in November.  The Howell Democrats have three candidates, as do the Howell Republicans.

An Independent candidate, Michael Bernstein, submitted nominating petitions for his candidacy to Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon last Monday morning.

John McCabe, the Chairman of the Howell Democrats, John Bonevich, one of the Democrat candidates for Township Council and Amy Sara Cores, the Democrat candidate for State Senate in the 30th legislative district last year, signed Bernstein’s nominating petition. Five members of the Howell Democrat County Committee signed Bernstein’s petition.  13 people who signed Bernstein’s petitions also signed the petitions for the Democrats candidates.

Howell’s Republican candidates for council, Tommy Russo, Pamela Richmond and Robert Walsh said that the Democrats are colluding with Bernstein and that the Independent should be knocked off the ballot, in a formal challenge file with Hanlon yesterday. 

Hanlon has till Wednesday to rule on the challenge. 

Reached on the phone by MMM, John McCabe, Chairman of the Howell Democrats, said he signed Bernstein’s petition because the candidate asked him to and he feels he deserves to be on the ballot. McCabe denied the Democrats were colluding with Bernstein and said that he doubted Bernstein would get many votes. When asked how so many Howell Democrats came to sign Bernstein’s petiton, McCabe dodged the question and referred us to Bernstein.  McCabe wouldn’t say he if he thought Bernstein’s presence on the ballot helps or hurts his Democrat candidates.

Bernstein has not returned our call.

Cores, the Democrat candidate for State Senate in the 30th district last year, said in an email that she is not a registered Democrat. Cores seems to have contempt for both the Democrats and Republicans in Howell.  She seems to genuinely support Bernstein.

“I find it ridiculous that you suspect that the Howell Democrats are that well organized that they would conspire to put Mike on the ballot.  I read the letter from Walsh and the other candidates and it is gibberish.  More complaining by Republicans who are afraid to run on their own merit and fearful of the bad policies they have thrust upon our town,” Cores wrote.

Cores said that the Republicans, especially Walsh, are destroying the landscape of Howell and that the Democrats have not had as much of a chance to screw up yet.  She said that  Bernstein is a solid candidate with Howell in his heart, not his pocket.

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5 Comments on “Howell Democrats Endorse Independent For Township Council”

  1. People said at 5:40 pm on June 12th, 2018:

    Correction to that last line:
    People are saying that the Republicans, especially Walsh, are destroying the landscape of Howell and that the Democrats have not had as much of a chance to screw up yet.

    People aren’t wrong.

  2. Louis said at 8:02 pm on June 12th, 2018:

    The Howell Dems absolutely colluded! They want to run 4 people to increase their chances to win 3 seats. What a statement that the Howell Dem chair in essence endorses an Independent! If I had his slate of snoozers I’d also endorse the other people! Bunch of phonies! And no one is more charitable and accomplished than Bobby Walsh! He’s an asset to Howell and he’ll get elected again! Howell needs to stay RED!!!!! And it will!!!

  3. Proud Republican said at 1:30 pm on June 13th, 2018:

    Why would anyone want the Democrats to take ober their town? Look at the most dangerous undesirable towns in New Jersey they are all run by democrats. Another thing, by bringing Democrats in at the local level you give that bonehead Phil Murphy ahold locally. Does anyone want Phil Murphy to have more influence in the town? Of course not. All voters have to reject Democrats at every level

  4. Word is said at 2:09 pm on June 13th, 2018:

    that a lot of this GOP infighting, and adding of extra candidates in several towns, is inspired/ carried out by/ with the new LD 11 senator/ actual Dem chair..let all the GOP leadership beware and pay attention.. never saw so many take- downs of local chairs this year. What is going on? Do some think this is making us stronger? Quite the opposite..

  5. Louise said at 7:22 pm on June 13th, 2018:

    This is a strategy by the Dems to try and find any way to improve their chance of winning. And since the fake news like the APP give Dems a huge pass it goes unnoticed. If the Republicans ever did this it would be a federal case. The Howell Dems are a laughingstock. They are the bunch that brought you Steve Merlino (gasp) and others. No way they can be allowed to take over again! Good the Howell Republicans caught them and have exposed them!