Howell mayor accuses township residents of anti-Semitism

Howell Mayor William Gotto. Photo via HowellRepublican.com

Howell Mayor William Gotto. Photo via HowellRepublican.com

HOWELL — Mayor William Gotto isn’t happy about “absolutely disgusting” comments he said were made on social media about a controversial affordable housing project owned by an Orthodox Jewish group. In fact, he made his disdain publicly known when he bemoaned at a council meeting on Nov. 9 and in a subsequent letter to residents, riling…

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7 Comments on “Howell mayor accuses township residents of anti-Semitism”

  1. Howell mayor accuses township residents of anti-Semitism | From the Trenches World Report said at 1:03 pm on November 17th, 2015:

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  2. Howell Guy said at 6:30 pm on November 17th, 2015:

    Bill Gotto is WORSE than the typical useless, used-car-salesman-politician; he truly is the lowest of the low class politicians that exist and are out to destroy Howell, Monmouth County, New Jersey and the nation as a whole. Gotto has done nothing but cause property taxes to increase, over-development along rural roads to continue, and earn his friends at the electric company money from tax payers with his 3rd party electric utility scheme that has saved not a single person a single dime.

    This housing project, along a very rural road that could not handle the increase in traffic, is in addition to another HUGE and bigger housing project further down Route 9 between Maxim-Southard and Rt 9 — that blinking light the township just installed on the bad corner at Lane’s Mill Rd and the corner itself is a death trap. This after clear-cutting a forest to build BJs and a movie theater — the local roads just can’t handle the traffic — but this low class mayor and his cronies need more tax revenue coming in from more properties so that he can funnel more money to his friends at the electric company.

    Hopefully someone at the state’s highest levels can put a stop to these developments and look into the actions of the town’s crooked leadership, zoning board members, and that agreement with the electric utility that is costing home-owners a small fortune and benefiting the mayor and his friends.

  3. Michelle said at 7:58 pm on November 17th, 2015:


  4. There goes said at 10:17 pm on November 17th, 2015:

    another large and growing town, formerly counted on for GOP votes: watch out, party leaders!

  5. James said at 7:52 am on November 18th, 2015:

    Look at lazy, blames nameless people, Bob Walsh on facebook, the bum basically admits that the people elected to represent Howell residents are INCAPABLE of doing so now or in years past; forced upon us “by Trenton”.
    Name the person, Bob, and since when is this a dictatorship where things are forced upon the people? What America do you live in?

    I suspect what is necessary is for someone to initiate a recall election as well as a pledge signed by all registered voters to not vote for any Republicans including the next president, Chris Smith, Sean Kean, Dave Rible, Tom Arnone, and any sitting member unless both development projects are stopped, as the people want. As Bob Walsh likes to brag, its a nice Republican town, so its about time we get some nice Republican leadership from these people.

    ps my property taxes are going up again in Howell, but Bob and company will say they disnt raise the rate, they just added more rateables like bjs and more homes and raised everyone’s assessment values. Terrible.

  6. Howellabama said at 8:46 pm on November 18th, 2015:

    Gotto was a staunch Democrat until a couple of years ago.

    He should change back.

  7. Republican in name and actions said at 11:40 am on November 20th, 2015:

    The 1A states that the people’s free speech is protected from Government intervention.

    So now we have a Mayor trying to force down free expression and free speech.

    The project is one thing, but now a politican writing letters trying to control the peoples right to speak because it affends him and them.

    Message to Gotto: you have a right to compose your letter (as a citizen, not as an elected official) beacuse of the 1A not in spite of it. Just because someone’s speech offends you does not give you the right to try to put it down as an elected official.

    You, Mr. Mayor are on a slippery slope and you probably don’t even get it.

    The comments on social media may offend me but I stand by the peoples right to free speech.

    You see Free Speach applies to all not just the opinions you like.

    Maybe the ACLU would like to see your letter and maybe their Lawyers would like to have a chat with you………………..

    To be clear I dont give a crap about this project. I give a DAMN about the People’s right to speak!!

    If anyone is interested in more that just this project, a new issue was just created.