Democrats seek to take over Middletown Board of Education

BoE Member Danielle Walsh said to be hedging in her Township Committee race

NJEA funding Dem related BoE slate through Giaimo’s Assembly account

When Democrat attorney Tom Giaimo lost to Amy Handlin and Serena DiMaso last year for State Assembly, he did not close his campaign account.  Rather, he kept raising money, most of it from the NJEA’s political action committee and politically connected lawyers like himself.   He used the cash to repay a loan to himself and to fund his Middletown Board of Education slate of Giaimo Fox and Wright.  Giaimo’s Assembly account and the joint Middletown Board of Education account have the same Democrat treasurer.


Middletown Dem Chairman Michael DiCicco said it is not a coincidence that Giaimo Fox Wright for BoE lawns signs appear on so many properties that also have signs for the Democrat Middletown Township Committee slate and for Democrat congressional wannabe Josh Welle. DiCicco, an attorney, was careful to note that the BoE election is non-partisan, that the Middletown Democrats did not officially endorse Giaimo Fox and Wright. He said he has the BoE and Township Committee signs on his lawn.

DiCicco denied any knowledge of the collusion scheme between the Dems Township Committee slate and the Board of Education slate which essentially has Danielle Walsh running for both offices,that has been subject a great deal of social media chatter.

After raising taxes and failing to redistrict Middletown Schools as a member of the Board of Education, Walsh is running for Township Committee.

Harrison Fox is a candidate on the BoE slate with Giaimo and Deborah Wright.  Fox has not responded to press inquiries about his candidacy, nor has he shown up at any candidate forums.  He has told friends (who told MMM) that he will not take office if elected.  That would leave his vacant seat to be filled by Walsh, should she as expected , lose in a landslide to Republican Committeeman Rick Hibel for the one year unexpired term on the Township Committee.

Walsh has denied, on social media, colluding with Fox.  She refused to say if she would return to the Board if she was offered Fox’s vacant seat.


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3 Comments on “Democrats seek to take over Middletown Board of Education”

  1. Swell said at 11:40 am on October 23rd, 2018:

    Everything the Democrats touch turns to crap. They have total control of the state, and the worst run counties and cities in New Jersey. Now they want to take over Middletown’s schools and run them into the ground the way they’ve done with everything else they’re in charge of. That alone is reason enough to come out and vote against them. I have two kids in the schools and I’ll never forget the fast one that Danielle Walsh tried to pull with her redistricting scam.

  2. Rob said at 12:00 pm on October 23rd, 2018:

    “Fox has not responded to press inquiries about his candidacy, nor has he shown up at any candidate forums. He has told friends (who told MMM) that he will not take office if elected. ”

    Great sourcing you’ve got going on here. Keep up the good work.


  3. Lou Scannon said at 5:30 pm on October 26th, 2018:

    They are also doing it in Aberdeen Township. School Board candidates Montone and Moore have large signs in the wooden frames used by Democrats. Montone is also the husband of township Councilwoman Margret Montone.