DiSomma Staying Out of Chairman’s Race

Sean DiSommaSean DiSomma, the heir apparent to Jack Minton as Chairman of the Red Bank Republicans, told MMM that he is staying out of the dueling endorsements contest that the Monmouth County Republican Chairman’s race has become.  “I spoke with both Chairman Bennett and Sheriff Golden,” DiSomma said, “both expressed their commitment  to supporting Republicans in Red Bank.”

Minton endorsed John Bennett for Chairman earlier this week.

Red Bank might not be 100% in Bennett’s camp.  “I spoke to Republicans on both sides and asked them to help me fill the vacancies on the County Committee with people who want to be involved,” DiSomma said.   As of the primary on Tuesday night, 7 of the 18 Red Bank Republican County Committee seats are vacant.

Vacancies can be filled via appointment by a municipal chairperson.  In order for a County Committee member who was not elected in the primary to be eligible to vote at the GOP County Convention next Tuesday, the municipal chairperson for each town must submit a list of appointees to Bertha Sumick, the Monmouth County Clerk of Elections, no later than  4:30PM on Tuesday. Each appointee’s qualifications (residency and affiliation) will be verified before voting credentials are issued.


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3 Comments on “DiSomma Staying Out of Chairman’s Race”

  1. Yeah Right said at 3:03 pm on June 5th, 2014:

    He may say he is staying out of it, but he will sure a S#!+ show up to vote on Tuesday!

  2. @ Yeah Right said at 3:10 pm on June 5th, 2014:

    And pray tell, what is wrong with showing up and voting Tuesday evening?

    It just says he has no comment, no endorsement. But, I’ll believe it when I see it, that Bennett will “support Republicans in Red Bank.”

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