Monmouth Poll: Voters Like Christie, They Don’t Like Property Taxes

Patrick Murray has a new poll out this morning.

55% of New Jersey registered voters approve of Governor Chris Christie’s job performance. 37% disapprove.  Among men Christie has a 17% net positive rating.  Among women, net positive 6%

While still upside down, the state legislature’s ratings have improved.  39% disapprove of the legislature, the best rating they have had since 2007.  56% disapproved in April of 2010.  The legislature’s approval rating remained steady at 35%.  Murray didn’t say so, but it would stand to reason that voters feel better about the legislature due to Christie promoting how they have compromised with him.

Property taxes remain the most pressing concern of New Jersey residents.  Murray asked respondents to rank Trenton’s priorties on a 1-10 scale:

New Jersey‘s Pressing Issues

(rated on a 10 point scale)


Tier 1:

8.9 Reducing property taxes


Tier 2:

7.7 Reducing income taxes

7.6 Increasing minimum wage

7.4 Reforming teacher tenure

7.3 Raising millionaires tax


Tier 3:

7.0 Reforming drug sentencing laws

6.7 Restructuring higher education


Tier 4:

5.8 Expanding charter schools

5.1 Same sex marriage

While same sex marriage  is a low priority for New Jersey residents, 52% now favor allowing same sex couples to marry compared to 34% who oppose. For the first time since the question has been polled, residents who strongly favor same sex marriage exceed residents who strongly oppose by a 32% to 25% margin.

The poll, including data tables and Murray’s write up can be found here.

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3 Comments on “Monmouth Poll: Voters Like Christie, They Don’t Like Property Taxes”

  1. The truth hurts said at 11:04 am on February 7th, 2012:

    I cannot say that Christie is solving all of our problems but he is one of the few people that are helping to solve the problems. He is at least scratching the surface. The property taxes in NJ have drowned us. The taxes in Monmouth are even higher. The municipialities are near bankrupt, state of NJ is near bankrupt and insolvent. The taxes are sky high and residents are fleeing NJ in droves. The corruption of politicians in NJ is world famous and rampant. Everything costs more here in the Soprano state. Why would someone want to live here with all the political corruption? I support cops but the politicians allowed the unions to pay patrolman $120,000 per year for every guy ? This is absurd. The double dipping politicians, the “fully disabled” cops and the rampant do nothing but attend fund raisertalking heads are to blame. Oh, but the beaches are nice though….

  2. Gerry Thomas said at 5:57 pm on February 7th, 2012:

    Christie gets the blame for cleaning up NJ problems like property taxes, pension blunder, and everything else. It is time Kyrillos and his democratic supporters help or get out of the way. Go Anna!

  3. Patrick Short said at 10:34 pm on February 7th, 2012:

    60% of one’s property tax bill goes to funding schools, but the problem is only those that own property pay this tax. This responsibility ought to be a shared responsibility and not shouldered solely by the property owner. Use a more equitable approach with more contributors. Base it on earned income from all residents, regardless if they own property. And, couple it with a sales tax to catch the income that is not documented but is from those that use our schools and services but don’t pay anything for them. Lastly, do any with the Abbott Districts. Set up a foundation where all districts apply annual for funding based on need. Set general guidelines and make them accountable for the funds that they receive.