Monmouth Poll: Christie has abandoned NJ, Won’t make a good Prez

58% say Christie is not honest and trustworthy


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A new Monmouth University Poll, taken after Governor Chris Christie’s presidential announcement and released this morning, indicates that a strong majority of New Jerseyans believe that Christie has abandoned his commitment to govern the state and that he would be a bad president.

57% say Christie should resign now that he has officially entered the presidential race. 71% say Christie cannot run for president and govern effectively at the same time….”walk and chew gum”… as Christie refers to his plan.

Just 27% of New Jerseyans say Christie would make a good president.  More than two-thirds (69%) say he would not.  A few months ago, Christie was asked on national TV about similar poll results.  He responded that survey participants told pollsters he would not make a good president because “a lot of those people…want me to stay.”  Monmouth followed up with the participants in our poll and found that just 5% of those who said he would not make a good president say they gave that response because they would rather have Christie stay in New Jersey.  Fully 89% of this group, though, confirmed that their answer meant they really think he would make a bad president.

“I’m not sure how the governor defines ‘a lot,’ but any common sense usage of the term would have to be significantly greater than five percent,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Christie’s job approval rating in New Jersey is negative; among all residents 36% approve and 58% disapproved.  Among registered voters his approval stands at 34% approve and 60% disapprove.

If the presidential election were today, Christie would lose New Jersey to Hillary Clinton by a margin of 32%-49%

If the presidential primary was today, Christie would lose head to head match ups with Jeb Bush (37%-29%) and Marco Rubio (35%-26%).  Christie would win a razor thin victory against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (30%-29%).

Christie’s “Telling Like It Is” slogan does not resonate with New Jersey residents, 58% of whom say he is not honest and trustworthy.  Hillary Clinton got higher trustworthy marks in Quinnipiac Polls reported two weeks ago.

82% of New Jerseyans, including 75% of Republicans, say that Christie’s campaign should pay the cost of his security detail while he is traveling out-of-state campaigning.

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4 Comments on “Monmouth Poll: Christie has abandoned NJ, Won’t make a good Prez”

  1. jimmy jones said at 6:04 pm on July 2nd, 2015:

    Let’s be honest. A large section of the electorate in NJ don’t like him becasue of one reason. He took on the unions, the major one being the NJEA.

    He exposed their sham of “it’s for the children” mantra and their continual holding parents of students hostage by claiming “we won’t teach” unless you give us more and “we will do a better job if we had more money.” etc.

    To be clear, NJ teachers are among the best paid in the country and have unmatched bebefits including lifetime medical for themselves and their families.

    If they don’t like their renumeration or benefits, I would encourage them to resign.

    They are not indispensable and can be replaced in about 10 minutes. There are scoresof applications for every position that opens up and the colleges just keep cranking out more ($$$) knowing full well that the supply gratly outstrips the demand.

    The public has caught on to the tactics of the NJEA and others and have had enough.

    Want to know why it costs so much to pave a road, build a school or do anything else in NJ?

    It’s all because of “Prevailing Wage”. For those who don’t know, the taxpayer must pay the highest UNION WAGES to even the lowest laborer.

    Ask Sweeney to repeal it and watch him laugh in your face, he is a union official and draws a salary from the construction unions.

    Last one out please turn the light off.

  2. Jim said at 8:30 pm on July 2nd, 2015:

    Let’s be honest. Christie has really done nothing for NJ.

  3. Awakened said at 9:15 am on July 5th, 2015:

    He is doing well. 32% approval among NJ voters is much higher than I thought was possible. And he would only lose to Hillary by 17%! He should thank the Democrats for supporting such a weak opponent.

    So – Mr. No Coattails has taken his pristine numbers to the national scene, where he is in 19th place among candidates. I can’t wait for the real magic trick, when uses the size of his big mouth to overcome his lack of knowledge and interest in the relationship between the Bible and Government. That will really put him over the top with Southern and Midwest Republicans.

    I can’t wait to hear how will he respond to the Bible passage about the body being the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    Americans really do not know how blessed they are with the sensational emergence of The New Jersey Miracle.

  4. Doing Well??? I don't think So! said at 3:39 pm on July 5th, 2015: