The Neptune Nudniks Drop The Ball Again

By Art Gallagher

If you know anyone who still gets their news from the Asbury Park Press, tell them that the Health Care Forum sponsored by the Monmouth County Medical Society has been moved from Riverview Medical Center to the Oyster Point Hotel.  And tell them that Falsetto Frankie has pulled out.

The Neptune Nudniks posted this story on their website today, Pallone, Little to debate Thursday at Riverview Medical CenterMMM reported yesterday that the venue had changed to the Oyster Point, and earlier today that that Phoney Palloney pulled out.

The Star Ledger got the facts right, U.S. Rep. Pallone unable to attend public health care forum with challenger Anna Little, even if their headline is a bit Phoney.  Of course Pallone is able to attend.  He just chooses not to. 

MoreMonmouthMusings called Pallone’s office this afternoon to find out what was so pressing that the Congressman could not meet the doctors of the Monmouth County Medical Society and members of the public, along with Mayor Little, to discuss his major acheivement, the ObamaPalloneCare health care reform bill.  No one from the Congressman’s office has called back yet.

Kathleen Maher of the Ocean Township Democratic Club told MoreMonmouthMusings that Pallone’s office told her today that he is planning to attend the club’s monthly meeting tomorrow evening from 7:30-8:30, subject to an unexpected change is scheduling.  The meeting is at the West Park Recreation/Senior Center on West Park Ave between Route 35 and Whale Pond Rd, about a 15 minute drive from the Oyster Point Hotel.

Pallone should do the right thing and attend both events.  He can leave the Oyster Point and still get to the Ocean Township Democratic Club before that meeting ends. Or he could ask Kathleen to have the club members come to the Health Care Forum.

As for the Neptune Nudniks, they should really hire a fact checker to read MMM and NJ.com before they publish anything about politics or government in Monmouth County.

They should also publish their endorsement of Shaun Golden for Monmouth County Sheriff on their website.golden-for-sheriff

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One Comment on “The Neptune Nudniks Drop The Ball Again”

  1. Can they get more lame.. said at 3:49 pm on October 21st, 2010:

    .. and still be called a legit “news outlet”??.. everyone knows they are lazy, and keep laying off reporters, so, they rely on you for GOP news, politicker for state news, and other blogs for copy.. it’d be fine if they’d relent from their mostly-lib-bent, and let us all do their endorsements, too!.. if the Legislators ever “man-up,” and finally allow legal public notices to be placed on various entities/ org’s’ websites, and not waste ad money there,anymore, they’ll be done, anyhow!!- the realtors and car salespeople won’t be able to keep ’em running!!