The Neptune Nudniks Cop Out In CD-3

By Art Gallagher

If there was any doubt left that the Asbury Park Press’s candidate endorsements are irrelevant to the electorate, the Nudniks made the point themselves today when they published an editorial declining to endorse a candidate in the New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district.  The 3rd district includes Toms River and 22 other Ocean County towns that the APP purports to serve.

The Neptune Nudniks don’t like GOP candidate Jon Runyan because he is a former NFL star who, they say was once rated the second dirtiest player in the league.  They don’t say who rated him that way or why it is relevant to his being elected to Congress.  They say Runyan “seems to have stolen the playbook from the conservative elements of the Republican National Committee and adopted it as his own,” as if that was a bad thing.  For voters in the 3rd district, who prior to sweeping John Adler into office on Barack Obama’s coattails in 2008 had not sent a Democrat to Washington in decades, Runyan’s conservatism will probably be enough to elect him.

As with their lazy and thoughtless endorsements of Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, and their grossly slanted “news” coverage of the 6th district race…they did not cover the debate between Anna Little and Frank Pallone, they barely mentioned Pallone’s corrupt interference into the FDA’s medical device approval process on the behalf on campaign contributor today’s non-endorsement, yet they prominently covered Pallone’s fictitious $400 million to revive the New Jersey fishing industry…today’s non-endorsement in the 3rd district race clearly demonstrates that the APP has joined The Huffington Post, The Daily Kos and The New York Times as members of the left stream media.

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