Al Gore Coming To Monmouth County

Former Vice President Al Gore is coming to Monmouth County to support Democrat candidates up and down the ballot, according to an announcement of the Monmouth Dems’ website.

Gore is scheduled to appear at the Ocean Township Community Gym on Sunday, October 15 from 3 P.M till 5 P.M.

When last we heard of the inventor of the Internet and Global Warming campaigning in Monmouth County, he was embroiled in the “Crazed Sex Poodle” scandal.  Six years before NBC leaked the Access Hollywood tapes featuring Donald Trump and Billy Bush joking about grabbing pussies, Portland Oregon massage therapist Molly Hagerty accused Gore of  groping her and painfully squeezing her nipples over her clothes after she declined to rub his adductor magnus.

After Hagerty went public with her allegations, two more massage therapists came forward with similar charges.

Gore came to Rumson to raise money for Rush Holt, Jr’s 2010 congressional campaign.  An MMM survey of area massage therapists indicated that the former VP would have a hard time getting a happy ending on the Jersey Shore.

Expect Democrats like LD 11 senate candidate Vin Gopal who condemned Trump last year after the Access Hollywood leak to line up to take selfies with Gore on the 15th.

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2 Comments on “Al Gore Coming To Monmouth County”

  1. Mike Harmon said at 10:15 am on October 6th, 2017:

    Art is now in the weather forecasting business. For October 15th, expect a massive early snowstorm and temperatures in the 20s to welcome the richest man-made-global-warming scammer of our time.

    Remember that just 15,000 years ago, Manhattan was under a 1,000 foot of ice wall called the Wisconsin Glacier which still exists today. Of course that glacier and its melting had profound impact on what Monmouth, NJ and many other states look like today. Ever see the round boulders in North Jersey they were created by being rolled during the retreat of the glacier.

    Trying to think about who that photo reminds me of…..passion masks the great lies…..

  2. God help us: said at 9:25 pm on October 6th, 2017:

    just a shadow of the excitement to come: dragging out all the lib heroes to remind us of path we are likely going down..last thing we need is this hypocritical multi- gazillionaire to tell us all how to live, and by the way, pay more for it: just another reason to get ready to sell and get the hell out of here, ASAP !