Remember Chris Daggett?

He ran for Governor last year as an Independent.  MoreMonmouthMusings broke the story that the Democrats paid for robo calls for Daggett in the closing days of the 2009 campaign.  Shameless and desperate, the Dems kept making those calls even after it was all over the news that they were paying for them and after Daggett himself condemned them for doing so.

There are plenty of signs that the Democrats are equally shameless and desperate this year as the GOP is poised to take control of the New Jersey Congressional delegation with victories in the 3rd, 6th and 12th districts.

In the 3rd district, the press has finally confirmed what everybody knew.  The Democrats put a 3rd party “Tea Party” candidate on the ballot to syphon votes away from Republican Jon Runyan in order to help freshman Democratic Congressman John Adler retain his seat in a traditionally Republican district.

The biggest indicator that Scott Sipprelle is winning in the 12th district is that Rush Holt has agreed to debates.  Holt doesn’t even like to take live questions from his constituents.  Rush is probably taking comfort from the fact that liberal Ben Dworkin of Rider University is moderating.  Dworkin proclaimed his liberalness on his facebook page until very recently. He used to be the Assistant Director of Research for NJ Democratic Assembly Office.

Who would have thought that Anna Little would have been within single digits of Frank Pallone 4 weeks before election day?  Who besides me, Mike Laffey, Dwight Kehoe, Bob Gordon, Barbara Gonzalez and Brian Hegarty?  Russ Cote.  Maybe Mickey Gooch too.  He’s got 5-1 odds on Little.

Pallone hasn’t been in a competitive race in 22 years.  He cut his dirty trick budget after the primary, figuring he could cruise to victory and save is $4 million war chest for a U.S. Senate race.  Now he’s resorting to buying everyone pancakes and pleading for help because, in his own words, he “can’t possibly get across the finish line on November 2nd without your continued support.”

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