Rep Chris Smith drops twitter

Congressman Chris Smith deactivated his twitter account over the weekend.

Smith’s office put out the following statement regarding the account which had over 30,000 followers yet was infrequently updated:

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Murder in Plain Sight – Three Nails in the Coffin

photo via pxfuel.com

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr

The murder of “Liberty and Justice for All” is happening at this very moment in the last country left on earth where people run to find freedom.  Three more nails were driven into the coffin of our 1st Amendment Rights in the last few weeks.  Many unprecedented attacks have occurred over the past decade but in recent weeks some of the most blatant and heinous acts against our Constitution and our Free Society, have been thrust upon us.  Unfortunately, as “sheep to the slaughter”, too many Americans are watching with No reaction.

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Christie and Murphy slugging it out on Twitter

Things started with former Gov. Chris Christie sharing an opinion piece on Twitter Monday that criticized Gov. Phil Murphy. And then it spiraled from there.

By the late afternoon, the current Democratic governor and the former Republican governor were mixing it up in a pretty feisty Twitter fight.

Christie shared an editorial from The Press of Atlantic City, written less than a week after Murphy unveiled his latest budget, that took the governor to task for wanting to raise taxes on people who earn more than $1 million a year and on cigarettes.Murphy then swung back.“We’re still digging out of the … Read the rest of this entry »

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Curt Schilling outs Brookdale student who allegedly posted vulgar tweets about daughter

adamnagelTwo New Jersey men, including one who worked as a part-time ticket seller for the Yankees, incurred the wrath of former major leaguer Curt Schilling this weekend after they allegedly posted sexually explicit tweets about the all-star’s underage daughter. The former Phillies and Red Sox great took to his blog this week to identify the two… Read the rest of this entry »

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Best of Bridgegate Funnies

Found on facebook and twitter

Christie Schultz
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Booker’s Cyber Love: @LynsieLee

stripper tweetCory Booker’s love goes beyond the Guv.

It’s not likely to generate the attention Anthony Weiner’s sexy tweets did.  The NJ Media is likely to give more ink to Booker’s tweeting with a Portland, Oregon stripper than they did Barbara Buono’s  vulgar tweets about the Tea Party and less than they gave Steve Lonegan’s stupid silly tweets last month.

BuzzFeed has the story ( if female nudity or tattoos depicting guns offend you, do not click on that link) of Booker’s professed love of Lynsie Lee (if you didn’t click on the previous link, you really don’t want to click on this one which will take you to lovely Lynsie’s tumblr page.)

Booker follows @LysnieLee on twitter. They share public and private messages in the wee hours of the morning.  BuzzFeed says their cyber relationship started because they were both in a film about twitter, #ffthefilm.

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Alert the Media! Buono’s Vulgar Tweet

UPDATE: StarLedger Covers Buono’s Vulgarity. Buono campaign defends her vulgarity and tweets it again.

David Turner, a spokesman for Buono, said the accident was not re-tweeting the remark but removing it. The campaign then re-tweeted it again.


Shortly after the House of Representatives voted to defund ObamaCare this afternoon, Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial campaign took a break from exploiting suffering Superstorm Sandy victims and took to twitter with the following:

Buono-Teabag-Tweet(h/t SaveJersey)

As you can see, the adults in the Buono camp had the tweet deleted within fifteen minutes of it going up.

Buono only has 5,912 twitter followers (compared to 400,879 following Governor Christie).  More people will see Buono’s tweet here on MMM and at SaveJersey than ever would have seen it on twitter, even if the adults hadn’t deleted it.

Until I hear it from Buono’s mouth myself or until someone I trust tells me they heard such vulgarity from Buono personally, I don’t believe the tweet represents a lack on class on her part.  I assume it was done by a young stupid silly over zealous intern or staffer who thought it was funny.

What interests me about the tweet is the evident media double standard it exposes.

Remember when a Lonegan campaign staffer made a stupid silly tweet last month during a Democratic U.S. Senatorial debate? That tweet was deleted in less than 15 minutes. Yet the New Jersey and New York media made such a big deal about that many people became upset that they missed the Democratic debate.     If it weren’t for the stink the New Jersey and New York mainstream media made over the stupid @Lonegan tweet as they were attempting to make the Republican Senatorial candidate look like a racist, most people wouldn’t have know there was a Senatorial primary on the Tuesday after the tweet.

I checked PolitickerNJ, NJ.com (The Star Ledger), NorthJersey.com (The Record), and APP.com (The Asbury Park Press).  Nothing about Buono’s vulgar tweet has been reported.

Come on now, my friends in the mainstream media, do your jobs.  Take Buono off message and make her explain the tweet. You’ll probably be doing her a favor, because no one is listening to her message otherwise.


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Christie Says Lonegan Tweet Was Inappropriate

Lonegan-Booker tweetGovernor Chris Christie said this afternoon that the controversial tweet sent out by a Lonegan for Senate staffer last week during the Democratic Senatorial Debate was inappropriate, and the fact that Lonegan immediately ordered the tweet taken down indicates that Lonegan knows it was inappropriate, despite his protestations since.

“Why take it down if there was nothing wrong with it?” Christie said.

Christie said the would have fired the staffer who posted the tweet, “but its Steve’s campaign. He has a different management style.”

The Governor said he would endorse the winner of tomorrow’s Republican primary to replace the late U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg.

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Lonegan Takes The Offensive

“I have a handicap, you know.   I’m a white guy, running in the State of New Jersey.  That’s my handicap. “

“I took down an inappropriate, silly tweet after 20 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes.  5 months later, Anti-Semitic, hate filled videos are still posted on Cory Booker’s website. Where’s the race card now? Where’s the media now? “Where’s the liberal left now in defending us against this kind of hate filled Anti-Semitism?”

~Steve Lonegan


Lonegan PC presserFormer Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan, the front runner in the August 13 Republican primary for the nomination to replace the late U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg,  held a press conference in Kinnelon yesterday afternoon to address the reaction to the tweet(pictured to the right) posted by his campaign on Thursday night during the Democratic Senate Debate.


Lonegan-Booker tweetLonegan billed the event as a “press conference on political correctness” but the tweet and his opponents “pulling the race card” was the topic.  In classic Lonegan fashion, the candidate confronted the problem and flipped the criticism back on his opponents.  In this case, his opponents being Booker, who is expected to win the Democratic nomination on Tuesday, the “liberal media” and Dr. Alieta Eck, his opponent for the Republican nomination.

Lonegan said the tweet, which was removed quickly, was posted by a young staffer who remains employed by the campaign. “He made a mistake. I’m not going to ruin his career by firing him.  I don’t do that. I will help him learn from it,” Lonegan said.

“Racism, racism, racism. They can’t wait to play the racist card,” Lonegan said of the Booker campaign and the media, “They couldn’t wait for the opportunity, any opportunity at all, a silly map, which is meaningless, sent out by some kid in a campaign, that had no intent other than to ah, whatever the intent was, I don’t even know what the intent was. But they can’t wait to pull the race card. Cause that’s how they play politics.

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Manalapan School Threat Was False Alarm

Students wreck havoc tweeting

Manalapan Mayor Susan Cohen posted the following message on facebook at 2:25 ths afternoon:

From the Manalapan Police and the Town Committee


 At 11:11 am today March 13, 2013 the Manalapan Township Police were dispatched to the Manalapan High School in reference to a terroristic threat made via Twitter. A male juvenile student of the school sent a Twitter message which contained threats made by him that he intended to bring a firearm to the school and “go hunting”.


The school officials were made aware of the Tweets and immediately put the school into a stationary lockdown and contacted the police. The school officials were able to identify the student who sent the tweets and isolated him without incident. The juvenile was detained and checked by school security and found not to be in possession of any weapons. His belongings and locker were also checked and found not to have any weapons contained therein. This student was arrested on scene and juvenile charges will be signed against him for terroristic threats and false public alarm.

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