Alert the Media! Buono’s Vulgar Tweet

UPDATE: StarLedger Covers Buono’s Vulgarity. Buono campaign defends her vulgarity and tweets it again.

David Turner, a spokesman for Buono, said the accident was not re-tweeting the remark but removing it. The campaign then re-tweeted it again.


Shortly after the House of Representatives voted to defund ObamaCare this afternoon, Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial campaign took a break from exploiting suffering Superstorm Sandy victims and took to twitter with the following:

Buono-Teabag-Tweet(h/t SaveJersey)

As you can see, the adults in the Buono camp had the tweet deleted within fifteen minutes of it going up.

Buono only has 5,912 twitter followers (compared to 400,879 following Governor Christie).  More people will see Buono’s tweet here on MMM and at SaveJersey than ever would have seen it on twitter, even if the adults hadn’t deleted it.

Until I hear it from Buono’s mouth myself or until someone I trust tells me they heard such vulgarity from Buono personally, I don’t believe the tweet represents a lack on class on her part.  I assume it was done by a young stupid silly over zealous intern or staffer who thought it was funny.

What interests me about the tweet is the evident media double standard it exposes.

Remember when a Lonegan campaign staffer made a stupid silly tweet last month during a Democratic U.S. Senatorial debate? That tweet was deleted in less than 15 minutes. Yet the New Jersey and New York media made such a big deal about that many people became upset that they missed the Democratic debate.     If it weren’t for the stink the New Jersey and New York mainstream media made over the stupid @Lonegan tweet as they were attempting to make the Republican Senatorial candidate look like a racist, most people wouldn’t have know there was a Senatorial primary on the Tuesday after the tweet.

I checked PolitickerNJ, NJ.com (The Star Ledger), NorthJersey.com (The Record), and APP.com (The Asbury Park Press).  Nothing about Buono’s vulgar tweet has been reported.

Come on now, my friends in the mainstream media, do your jobs.  Take Buono off message and make her explain the tweet. You’ll probably be doing her a favor, because no one is listening to her message otherwise.


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