Booker’s Cyber Love: @LynsieLee

stripper tweetCory Booker’s love goes beyond the Guv.

It’s not likely to generate the attention Anthony Weiner’s sexy tweets did.  The NJ Media is likely to give more ink to Booker’s tweeting with a Portland, Oregon stripper than they did Barbara Buono’s  vulgar tweets about the Tea Party and less than they gave Steve Lonegan’s stupid silly tweets last month.

BuzzFeed has the story ( if female nudity or tattoos depicting guns offend you, do not click on that link) of Booker’s professed love of Lynsie Lee (if you didn’t click on the previous link, you really don’t want to click on this one which will take you to lovely Lynsie’s tumblr page.)

Booker follows @LysnieLee on twitter. They share public and private messages in the wee hours of the morning.  BuzzFeed says their cyber relationship started because they were both in a film about twitter, #ffthefilm.

lysnielee flotus dibs

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