Trump reaches deal with Carrier to stop factory jobs from moving to Mexico

assetcontent-76WASHINGTON – Air conditioning company Carrier Corp. says it has reached a deal with President-elect Donald Trump to keep nearly 1,000 jobs in Indiana. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence plan to travel to the state Thursday to unveil the agreement alongside company officials. Trump confirmed the meeting on Twitter late Tuesday, promising a “Great deal… Read the rest of this entry »

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N.J. lost 26,100 jobs in June and July but the unemployment rate fell

Spring Job Fair at Brookdale Community College, April 2014. file photo

Spring Job Fair at Brookdale Community College, April 2014. file photo

TRENTON — New Jersey lost nearly 14,000 jobs in July, with the largest employment declines posted in leisure and hospitality and professional and business services, according to new labor data released on Thursday. The state’s unemployment rate, which is measured by a different federal survey, decreased to 5.9 percent, down from 6.1 percent in June and… Read the rest of this entry »

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Tax revenues indicate that New Jersey’s economy is on the upswing



New Jersey’s tax revenues exceeded projections for the seventh consecutive month and income tax collections were the highest ever in June, even without a “millionaires tax.”

The Treasury Department announced yesterday, that income tax collections in fiscal 2013 were 12.4% higher that in fiscal 2012 (the fiscal year ends on June 30) and sale tax collections increased 3.7%.

The State’s fiscal 2013 revenue collections through June totaled $25.6 billion, $1.58 billion higher than in fiscal 2012.

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Governor Christie Announces Sandy Job Initiatives Program In Bradley Beach

Bradley Beach Restoration Project Uses Administration Grant Dollars to Hire Unemployed Residents for Clean Up Project

Trenton, NJ – With the recovery and rebuilding process fully underway, Governor Chris Christie today toured a restoration project in the storm-impacted community of Bradley Beach where workers hired through a National Emergency Grant (NEG) are on the job repairing the town’s beachfront area. Bradley Beach is one of dozens of communities in 11 New Jersey counties that have put 428 unemployed people to work on storm clean-up using the $15.6 million grant obtained by the Christie Administration in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Another 650 people are slated to be brought in up to five other counties.

Sandy was the worst storm to strike New Jersey in 100 years. It damaged or destroyed 346,000 homes, knocked out power to nearly 7 million people and 1,000 schools, and caused the evacuation or displacement of 116,000 New Jerseyans – 41,000 of whom are still displaced from their homes. The storm also cost the state over 8,000 jobs in November, making the Governor’s job and recovery initiatives essential to getting people back to work.


“New Jersey is rebuilding from Sandy with pride and determination,” said Governor Christie. “With the NEG grant and the $26 million being released through three programs we have initiated — Recovery4Jersey, Skills4Jersey and Opportunity4Jersey – we are helping Sandy-impacted businesses and workers, as well as investing in our future economic growth. New Jersey, its citizens, communities and businesses are resilient and I assure you that we will leave no stone unturned in bringing the Garden State back better than ever.”

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Exodus of Perretti Farms Stallions Creates Challenge for New Jersey’s Horse Racing Future


MANALAPAN,  NJ – November 30, 2012 — The loss of New Jersey stallions to slots-enriched  programs in other states is now a reality.

Perretti  Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ has announced that it has moved two of the harness  racing industry’s premier stallions to Pennsylvania for the 2013 breeding  season.

Muscles  Yankee and Rocknroll Hanover will be relocated from Perretti’s 1,000 acres of  prime farmland in Upper Freehold Township across the state line to Newtown, PA  to take advantage of the casino-enriched purses in Pennsylvania, especially the  Pennsylvania Sire Stakes program.

The  New Jersey Sire Stakes program, which for three decades was the model for other  states and provinces, is now one of the weakest because of the paucity of purse  money.

New  Jersey is no longer competitive, putting more than 170,000 acres of equine  farmland in jeopardy,” said Standardbred Breeders & Owners Association  President Tom Luchento.  “Without a healthy breeding program, the stallions  and broodmares will move – have moved — to adjoining states where they are  flushed with the cash from casinos and racinos [racetracks with casino-style  wagering].

“Not  only is the preservation of farmland at stake, but also more than 10,000 jobs  currently filled by tax-paying residents who are ill-equipped to change careers  and will end up on welfare rolls,” Luchento added.

Trenton  continues to focus on ways to improve Atlantic City and other businesses which  provide fewer jobs, while the horseracing industry gets pushed aside,” Luchento  said.  “They have tried to Band-Aid the problem with a few short term  solutions.  Meanwhile, the wound continues to grow, and the decision by  Perretti Farms is a pure product of that injury.

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McDonald’s Accounts For Up To 30,000 Of 54,000 New Jobs In May

By Art Gallagher

McDonald’s may have accounted for over half of the job growth in the U.S. economy in May, according to a Morgan Stanley estimate.

One has to wonder what the jobs report would have been had McDonald’s not been granted an Obamacare waiver last October.

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((HIGHLANDS, October 22) – Republican Congressional challenger Anna Little – responding to the release of New Jersey’s unemployment figures for the month of September, showing that the state lost another 20,200 jobs, and the unemployment rate dipped two-tenths of a percent because so many working-age residents gave up on finding work and decided to leave the labor force – today asked her opponent, 22-year incumbent Frank Pallone, a simple question: “Where are the jobs? 

“Mr. Pallone, today I have just one simple question for you,” said Little. “Where are the jobs?!


“Today’s unemployment figures continue the disturbing trend we’ve seen over the last 20 months – New Jersey continues to lose jobs,” said Little. “In the month of September, New Jersey lost ANOTHER 20,200 jobs.


“That’s the worst jobs report in 18 months,” continued Little. “Not since March of 2009 has a New Jersey jobs report been this bad.


“Since the official end of the recession in June 2009 – well more than a year ago – New Jersey has LOST 62,400 jobs. It’s a sad state of affairs when the government deems a recession officially ‘over,’ but we continue to lose jobs.


“Worse, the unemployment rate in September declined from 9.6 percent to 9.4 percent – not because more people found work, but because more working-age residents have been out of work so long that they GAVE UP on finding work, and removed themselves from the job market,” continued Little.


“That’s a sad, sad commentary on the failure of the Pelosi-Pallone strategy. And it’s not what Frank Pallone and Nancy Pelosi promised when they rammed through their massive trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ package – they promised, if you’ll recall, that unemployment wouldn’t go higher than 8 percent.


“The best thing the government can do is to lower tax rates and reduce regulation, and create an environment in which the entrepreneurs and job-creators in our nation will put their capital to work for all of us,” continued Little. “Instead, for the last 20 months we’ve gone in exactly the opposite direction. Nancy Pelosi and Frank Pallone have made clear their determination to raise taxes on the job-creating class, and have made clear their determination to keep borrowing money to pay for more failed ‘stimulus’ programs.


“It’s time for a change in direction.


“Remember, you cannot change Washington without changing the people we send to Washington!”

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Beyond the headlines, the truth about our jobs crisis

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