McDonald’s Accounts For Up To 30,000 Of 54,000 New Jobs In May

By Art Gallagher

McDonald’s may have accounted for over half of the job growth in the U.S. economy in May, according to a Morgan Stanley estimate.

One has to wonder what the jobs report would have been had McDonald’s not been granted an Obamacare waiver last October.

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One Comment on “McDonald’s Accounts For Up To 30,000 Of 54,000 New Jobs In May”

  1. Freespeaker1976 said at 9:58 am on June 6th, 2011:

    My Gosh Art, A Job Mickey D’s Is Very Important To Job Seekers. After All, They Get To Learn How To Say, “Would You Like Fries With That Order?”

    Seriously Though, Many Years Ago; While Struggling To Find A Job, A Job Counselor Suggested That I Remember That Phrase While Looking For A Job. It Was Meant To Instill Me To Work Harder At Finding A Job…

    I Was GAINFULLY Employed Within A Month.

    But, This Is The Problem With Our Economy. It Is So Desperate That People Looking For Serious Earnings Are Forced To Take Minimum Wage Paying Jobs Like This, While Teenagers Struggle To Find Any Jobs To Save For College Or Car Expenses.

    Oh Yeah, Forgot About Those Illegal Aliens Taking “Those Jobs No American Wants” From American Job Seekers, Adult & Teenagers Alike.”

    You Can’t Tell Me That Financially Desperate Adults Wouldn’t Take Lawn Care Jobs, Over Mickey D’s.

    But, Obama Dithers While The Country Is Facing A Train Wreck. 🙁