Daily Caller Tries To Tilt A Second NJ Senate Election

The conservative website that broke the “news” of Senator Bob Menendez cavorting with underage Dominican prostitutes on the eve of last year’s election between the Democratic U.S Senator and State Senator Joe Kyrillos published a story this morning alleging that Cory Booker does not live in Newark.

Accompanied by a video by Highway 61 Entertainment, a firm that also produced a documentary that makes the case that President Obama’s real father was socialist Franklin Marshal Davis, not Barack Obama, Sr., today’s story alleges that Booker lives in New York and that his Newark properties house the mayor’s security detail from the Newark PD.

Last year’s story about Menendez was widely debunked as poorly sourced, relying on anonymous videos of the Dominican escorts who later recanted.  The story did not get any legs until after the election which was held seven days after Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey.

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Sex, Lies and Video Tape: Dominican Lawyer Said He Was Paid To Finger Menendez

menendez dancingThe Dominican lawyer who represented the two women and the child who said they were paid to have sex with U. S. Senator Bob Menendez last April now says he four media outlets encouraged him to fabricate the allegations, according a a story first reported on Univision.

Unvision is one of the outlets accused by the lawyer of master minding the plot, along with CNN, Telemundo and The Daily Caller.   The Daily Caller first reported the allegations, with video, that Menendez agreed to pay two Dominican prostitutes $500 for sex, but only paid them $100.  The recanting lawyer, Melanio Fegueroa, said that someone named “Carlos” who claimed to be employed by The Daily Caller, offered him $5000 to fabricate the prostitution allegations.  The Daily Caller denied paying for the story.

“It seems clear to me Figueroa is under pressure to change his story,” Daily  Caller editor Tucker Carlson said Friday morning. “What I know for certain is  this claim is a lie. The Daily Caller never paid anyone, was never asked to pay  anyone and of course never would pay anyone for this story.”

No person by the name “Carlos” ever traveled to the Dominican Republic on  TheDC’s behalf.

But The Daily Caller has learned that a man who identified himself as “Carlos” to ABC  News was also the translator — provided by Figueroa — who appeared in  TheDC’s late-October interviews. At no time did TheDC offer to compensate that  individual. Following the interview, The Daily Caller independently verified the  translations.

Menendez has denied the prostitution allegations and his calling for the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for his “smear.”  Yet, the senator has refused a Dominican judge’s heed that he travel to the Caribbean country to testify.

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Menendez Hooker Says She Faked It

One of the Dominican escorts who said she was stiffed by Senator Bob Menendez now says she was paid to read a fabricated script and that in truth she has never met Menendez, according to a Washington Post report. (hat tip Star Ledger)

The woman identified a lawyer who approached her and a friend to make the videotape, according to affidavits obtained by the Post. That man has in turn identified another lawyer who gave him a script for the tape and paid him to find women to fabricate the claims, the affidavits say.

The escort was one of two women who taped videos that seems to support a tipster’s allegations that Menendez had patronized prostitutes while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

FBI agents conducting interviews in the Dominican Republic have found no evidence to back up the tipster’s allegations, according to two people briefed on their work.

Daily Caller, the site that first broke the Menendez prostitution story has yet to report on this latest development.  Breitbart, the site that now employs the reporter who broke the story, posted a wire service piece on the escort’s latest claims.

UPDATE March 5, 8:35 am. Daily Caller Stands By Menendez Hooker Story. Washington Post Confused.

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Another Escort Fingers Menendez

You probably won’t read about it in The Star Ledger or The Asbury Park Press, unless The Washington Post or The New York Times picks it up.

The Daily Caller posted another Bob Menendez pay for play story last night. A women in her 30’s, a “professional escort” who travels between Miami and Boston to service her clients told DC that Menendez and several other U.S. senators paid her for sex.

A professional escort who travels the East Coast seeing clients in cities from  Miami to Boston has identified a photo of Senator as a man who paid her for sex. The  woman, in her late 30s, told The Daily Caller prior to seeing Menendez’s photo  that she had been paid to provide sexual favors to several U.S. senators,  including a New Jersey Democrat and other politicians who are no longer living.


Menendez, she said, is “quite a hobbyist. He sees a lot of girls and doesn’t  seem to have the skills to have a relationship.”

“Hobbyists,” she explained, are men who “‘hobby’ in seeing many girls, as  many as they can,” referring to escorts who offer companionship and sexual  favors in exchange for what they euphemistically call financial “donations.”

If the allegations are true, Menenedez has set a high standard for what should happen:

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Menendez Ponies Up $58,500 For Two Flights To The Dominican Republic

Embattled U.S. Senator Bob Menendez reimbursed his friend and campaign contributor, West Palm Beach eye doctor Salomon Melgen $58,500 for two flights to the Dominican Republic on Melgen’s private jet almost three years after the flights took place, according to reports in The Star Ledger and The Daily Caller.

Menendez’s spokesman Paul Brubaker told the Ledger that the senator, prompted by the ethics complaint filed by NJ State Senator Sam Thompson last November,  reviewed his travel and discovered that he should have paid Melgen for an August 2010 flight between Florida and the Dominican Republic and a September 2010 flight from Teterboro to the DR.  Menendez paid Melgen $58,500 for the flights on January 4, 2013.

T.J.Hooker is selling flights from Miami to Punta Cana for $446.

Menendez’s chief of staff, Dan O’Brien told NBC News that the over two year gap in paying for the flights was an office mistake, according to Daily Caller.

“This was sloppy,” O’Brien conceded about two 2010 flights. “I’m chalking it up  to an oversight.”

No one has reported what, if anything, Menendez reimbursed Melgen for his food, lodging and party favors on the trips.  Senate rules prohibited members from accepting gifts valued at more the $250 without prior permission from the ethics committee.  We’d call Brubaker, but he stopped returning our calls last summer during the senator’s campaign.

Menendez finally denied he had sex with prostitutes while in the Dominican Republic, saying the charges were manufactured by a right-wing blog. Presumably he’s referring to Daily Caller.

FoxNews reported last night that Menendez cleared his Washington schedule yesterday.  He cancelled a meeting with Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew and skipped John Kerry’s fare well speech on the Senate floor.

On the home front however, it was politics as usual for Menendez.  Yesterday afternoon he sent out a fundraising email asking his supporters to thank Hillary Clinton for her years of service.

menendez hillary thank you (640x272)

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

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Menendez Sex and Ethics Scandal Widens


Daily Caller says FBI is investigating NJ Senator for exploiting underage Dominican prostitutes, ABC News covering up scandal


Senator Bob Menendez should be kicking back and celebrating his accomplishments this weekend.  He took over the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee just in time to preside over Hillary Clinton’s high profile testimony regarding the September 11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and he scored a 51% approval rating among New Jersey voters in a Quinnipiac poll this week.

But the stories about Menendez’s inappropriate foreign relations in the Dominican Republic just won’t go away.

Early this morning Daily Caller, the conservative website that last October broke the story about Menendez stiffing Dominican prostitutes, posted a story reporting that the FBI opened an investigation into the Senator for victimising underage Domincan girls, in exchange for money, last August.

DC links to documents indicating that ABC News Senior Investigative Producer Rhoda Schwartz was on to Menendez’s exploits last May and that Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington (CREW) was alerted to Menendez’s foreign pay to play last April.

New Jersey’s mainstream media has ignored the story because it is considered “thin,” according to one reporter and becauses “nobody cares and we’re too busy” according to another.

USNews reported in November that the story “wouldn’t stick”, in part, because it involved a Democrat.

“You would see a little more digging if he were a Republican. It is the slightest of the factors, but it is still a factor,”

State Senator Sam Thompson, in his capacity as chairman of the Middlesex GOP, wrote to the Senate Ethics Committee in November asking that they investigate Menendez.  So far, there has been no investigation reported.

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Media continues to give Menendez cover in prostitution, ethics violation scandal

State Senator Sam Thompson, as Chairman of the Middlesex GOP, files an ethics complaint against US Senator Bob Menendez

Media ignores the whole affair

In case you missed it while the lights were out, Senator Bob Menendez has been accused of accepting luxury travel to and lodging in the Dominican Republic where he participated in sex parties with prostitutes and short changed his concubines from their agreed upon fees.

Menendez responded by calling the accusations, which were first reported by the conservative website Daily Caller, “a product of the right wing smear machine.”

However, the far left wing website, Gawker, followed Daily Caller’s story with a report from “someone who was unfortunate enough to live in the unit below Menendez’s Washington, DC apartment,” who said “he would bring home a different young, attractive lady almost every night, put on a little jazz, and f**k loudly until 3 a.m.”

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Hookers: Menendez Stiffed Us


Two women charged that US Senator Bob Menendez agreed to pay them $500 for sex but they only received $100 in the end, according to a report on The Daily Caller.

The women say they met Menendez at the Dominican Republic resort Casa de Campo, an upscale 7000 acre resort described as “a grown up Disneyland, everything you want is right there,” by Robb Report contributor James Frank, last spring around Easter time.

Daily Caller said that Menendez spokeswoman Tricia Enright refused to answer questions on the subject.  “We’re not going to respond to a completely false accusation,” she wrote in an email.

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Full audio of Obama’s remarks at Loyola University in 1998

Via The Daily Caller

It seems to me that if Obama had been vetted by the press and his opponents in 2008, and this audio came out, either Hillary Clinton or John McCain would be running for reelection now.

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Fodder For The Christie For President Buzz

By Art Gallagher

Despite his repeated and colorful denials of interest, the Republican calls for and media speculation about Governor Chris Christie entering the 2012 Presidential race is not going away.

In large measure that is because Christie doesn’t seem as though he wants it to go away. 

“No, I’m not running.  I don’t know what to do short of suicide to convince you that I’m not running. Oh, and thanks for asking, I’m really flattered that you are asking, again and again and again, and that you’re willing to raise hundreds of millions of dollars if I change my mind, but I’m not changing my mind.”   That’s an invitation to keep asking.  It’s a tease.   “No, I won’t do it under any circumstances.  I’m not ready. But ask me again.”

By most accounts, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels really wanted to run for president.  Yet, when he announced that he wasn’t running because he didn’t want to put his family through a presidential campaign, Republican rain makers and the media stopped asking him to run or if there was any chance that he would reconsider.

That’s obviously not the case with Christie.

As I said in my radio conversation with Bob Ingle last week, the only way I can see Christie running is if his wife Mary Pat becomes convinced that another four years of President Obama would have a more detrimental impact on the lives of the Christie children than a Christie presidency would have, and if New Jersey’s First Lady became convinced that Obama was likely to be reelected if her husband didn’t run against him.

As rehearsed and coached as the Christie family appeared in their Piers Morgan interview, after viewing it I was convinced they had made a family decision that Christie wouldn’t run in 2012.  I admired their family unity.  I admired a marriage that puts the children first.

Yet, why do an interview like that if you’re not running for national office?

I stopped taking the Christie for President buzz seriously after the Morgan interview. Karl Rove’s vibrations about Christie after Texas Governor Rick Perry stole the limelight from Michele Bachman didn’t make me think Christie was running.  Ross Douthat’s  New York Times columns, here and here didn’t make me think Christie would run.   The Daily Caller and Weekly Standard reports that Christie and Congressman Paul Ryan made an pact that one of them would run made me wonder just a bit.

Something happened today that made me wonder if Christie isn’t getting ready to run.  It wasn’t the news that Ryan’s not running, according to The Weekly Standard.

Four times today the Christie’s press office sent out email announcements to the press about something Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno is doing, including a video.   Usually Guadagno’s public appearances are included in the daily itinerary for the Governor that the press office sends out with little additional mention, if any.  Today’s activity was unusual.

The Governor and his team are extraordinarily disciplined.  It’s rare that something happens for no reason.  If the Governor’s office is intentionally raising Guadagno’s public profile, there is a reason for it.

It makes me wonder if Mary Pat is getting concerned about the Republican field of presidential candidates, our country, and her children’s future.

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