Daily Caller Tries To Tilt A Second NJ Senate Election

The conservative website that broke the “news” of Senator Bob Menendez cavorting with underage Dominican prostitutes on the eve of last year’s election between the Democratic U.S Senator and State Senator Joe Kyrillos published a story this morning alleging that Cory Booker does not live in Newark.

Accompanied by a video by Highway 61 Entertainment, a firm that also produced a documentary that makes the case that President Obama’s real father was socialist Franklin Marshal Davis, not Barack Obama, Sr., today’s story alleges that Booker lives in New York and that his Newark properties house the mayor’s security detail from the Newark PD.

Last year’s story about Menendez was widely debunked as poorly sourced, relying on anonymous videos of the Dominican escorts who later recanted.  The story did not get any legs until after the election which was held seven days after Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey.

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Booker’s Headache: Donna Jackson

Donna Jackson might be Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s biggest threat to being elected a U.S. Senator.

Councilwoman Mildred Crump and Teachers Union President Joe Del Grasso, the other stars of the above video from our friends at BookerFail, could be said to have their own political axes to grind with Booker.  But the Mayor himself told the Star Ledger  in 2010 that Jackson does not have a political agenda, she just cares about Newark.

Jackson’s entire remarks excerpted in the video above are devastating.  View them here. (h/t Matt Rooney at SaveJersey).

She says the media and Newark’s government are hiding the city’s problems to give Booker political cover.  She says Newark is worse since Booker became mayor. “Booker’s national profile is killing us,” Jackson said.

Last May, Jackson accurately predicted the coming outbreak in violence in Newark, during an impassioned rant before the city council wherein she also complained that Newark residents, “darkies” she called them, are not being employed at the new construction projects that Booker often touts.   She calls Caucasians “clear people.”

Jackson says Newark’s mismanagement is intentionally designed to drive residents making less than $100,000 out of the city.

Jackson says she’s “anti-government, anti-government and everybody’s got to go.”


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