Is Clint Eastwood Helping Cory Booker Shovel?

Clint Eastwood Shoveling

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A few more #EmptyChairDay photos…

…including the president conducting a voter registration drive in a cemetery, golfing, tree hugging, in Disney World’s Wax Museum, and with the black panthers on election day.

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National #EmptyChairDay Highlights

The joke’s on President Obama as Americans have responded to his This Seat’s Taken tweet with an enormous show of support for Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the Republican National Covention on twitter and facebook.

Go to #EmptyChairDay to see the fun on twitter.

On facebook, Rosa Leonetti of Smart Girl Politics has created a Empty Chair Profile Picture event asking people to change their profile avatar to an empty chair picture for the duration of the Democratic National Convention.

So far the left stream media, which was all over the GOP and mocking Eastwood on Friday after the Republican convention, is largely ignoring the grassroots social media outburst.

Here are some highlights:


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Beneath the dignity of the office

Barack Obama’s reaction to the closing night on the Republican National Convention was a tweet at 12:23 am that said This seat’s taken and included a photo of the president sitting with his back to the camera apparently at a meeting in the White House.

The media is spinning the president’s tweet as a shot back at Clint Eastwood for his skit using an empty chair for his imaginary conversation with Obama.

I didn’t take it that way.  I read it as an arrogant and off handed dismissal of Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech and the case Romney made for his candidacy.

Either way the president’s tweet is offensive and beneath the dignity of the office.


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Clint Eastwood’s remarks to the Republican National Convention

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Dirty Harry, the Godfather’s consigliere and a porn star endorse Romney

Mitt Romney seems to be putting a dent in the Democratic Party’s support coming from Hollywood.

Clint Eastwood made Romney’s day with an endorsement at an Idaho fundraiser on Friday.  Robert Duvall is holding a fund raiser for Romney at his home next month where Anne Romney will be in attendance.   Neither Gov or Mrs. Romney were present when retired porn star Jenna Jameson announced her support for the Republican presidential candidate at a San Francisco strip club, but Jameson’s remarks to a CBS reporter covering the strip club’s anniversary party have garnered more media coverage than Eastwood’s and Duvall’s endorsements combined.

Eastwood’s endorsement is notable because many in the media spun his Halftime in America Super Bowl commerical for Chrysler as a tacit nod to Obama.

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Best Super Bowl Ad: Halftime in America

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