A few more #EmptyChairDay photos…

…including the president conducting a voter registration drive in a cemetery, golfing, tree hugging, in Disney World’s Wax Museum, and with the black panthers on election day.

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3 Comments on “A few more #EmptyChairDay photos…”

  1. ROFLAO said at 8:52 pm on September 3rd, 2012:




    THEY NEED ID TO GET NEAR THE CONVENTION…but, oh yeah; they don’t need it to vote!

  2. brian said at 11:17 am on September 4th, 2012:

    lf there is a segment of society who doesn’t; rent movies, drive, fly, cash checks, buy cold medicine, enter public buildings, have credit, own/rent a home, etc–maybe they shouldn’t vote..(because they are either dead or illegal) since you cannot function in society without ID–or enter the party of death and division’s gathering.

  3. Bob English said at 2:54 pm on September 4th, 2012:

    An estimated 20 million legally registered voters do not have a government issued photo id which is what is now being required by several states. Instances of same day voter fraud are not only extremely rare (80 confirmed cases in recent years by an investigation done by the Brookings Insittution), they are non existent (as in 0 cases) in some states that passed the law.

    Note that for most people, their government issued photo id is their drivers license so you tend to take it having one for granted. The people most affected who do not have govt issued photo id’s are seniors (including veterans), students and people living in the inner cities who do not drive.

    In Pennsylvania it is estimated that 18% of registered voters living in urban areas do not possess a govt issued photo id….the same PA. that could not point to one case of same day voter fraud in the entire state.

    Combine this with Republican efforts to reduce pre-election voting days/hours especially in states where it is needed such as Ohio and it is obvious what they are trying to do….in Ohio, the Republicans not only tried to cut back on pre-election voting, the Romeny campagn than actually lied about it and said Obama was trying to reduce military voting times (which everyone now knows was not true.)