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The Monmouth County Democratic Organization swept races across the county yesterday! U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. for a big 65% district-wide victory! Congressman Pallone also comfortably carried the Monmouth County portion of the district with over 55% of the vote. President Obama and Senator Menendez nearly matched Governor Romney and Senator Kyrillos vote by vote in what analysts had predicted earlier in the year would be a Republican blowout in Monmouth. They were wrong! Monmouth County Democrats delivered over 125,000 votes for President Obama, the 6th highest amount of votes in the state of all 21 counties. Turnout for the election was at an impressive 58% of registered voters despite half the county still not having power and with thousands of people still displaced from their homes.


Monmouth County Democrats scored major municipal wins, defeating 7 incumbent Republicans. NO Democratic incumbents were defeated. Monmouth Dems scored major wins in the Bayshore this year, with wins in Highlands, Atlantic Highlands, Hazlet, Keyport and Matawan, setting up a strong foundation in the Bayshore for future years. Here are some of our major wins


In Atlantic Highlands, Roy Dellosso and Bob Sutton were re-elected, topping two Republican challengers by over 350 votes.


In Belmar, Councilwoman Jennifer Nicolay won nearly 60% of the vote, trouncing her Republican challenger.


In Eatontown, incumbent Councilman Anthony Talerico was top vote-getter by nearly 1,000 votes defeating his Republican challenger. In addition, Janice Kroposky comfortably defeated Republican incumbent Kevin Gonzalez to win the second seat. Welcome to the Eatontown governing body, Councilwoman-Elect Kroposky!


In Farmingdale, 4 Democrats faced 4 Republicans in a showdown for the Western Monmouth community. Democrats Richard Geffken and newcomer Carly Immen defeated their Republican opponents to win 2 of the seats. Democrat Jan Zientek currently trails by just 5 votes behind his Republican challenger for the 3rd seat. Absentee ballots and Provisionals still need to be counted and Monmouth County Democrats’ attorneys are weighing a re-count for Jan’s seat. Still, winning these 2 seats is a huge breakthrough in a town where Republican voter registration outnumbers Democrats 2 to 1.


In Freehold Borough, Democratic newcomer Ron Griffiths outsed Republican incumbent John Newman while Democratic incumbent Sharon Shutzer was re-elected.


In Hazlet, Democrats Jim DiNardo and Barbara Ronchetti beat Republican incumbent Mayor David Tinker and Committeeman Jim Brady to take a 3-2 majority of the Hazlet governing body, a big win for the Bayshore community.


In Highlands, Democratic Councilman Kevin Redmond was re-elected and Democrat Tara Ryan was elected, winning a Republican held seat.


In Keyport, Democratic Councilman Ken McPeek was re-elected and Sophia Lamberson was elected. Councilwoman-Elect Lamberson will take the seat of Council President Christian Bolte who did not seek re-election. The duo beat their GOP challengers by more than 500 votes.


In Matawan, Democratic newcomer Kim Daly was elected to the Borough Council defeating incumbent councilman Andrew Lopez. Democrat Nicholas Nellegar was narrowly defeated for the 2nd seat by just 80 votes. Monmouth County Democrats Attorneys are currently reviewing absentee ballots and provisionals but Democrats have broken the all GOP stronghold in Matawan.


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Bolte Withdraws from Keyport Reelection Bid

Keyport Council President Christian BolteKeyport Council President Christian Bolte has withdrawn her bid for a third term on the borough’s council.  She will be replaced on the Democratic ticket by Sofia Lamberson, a member of the town’s recreation committee.

Bolte told MMM that she was ambivalent about her reelection bid throughout the spring and summer, oddly enough because the fighting and bickering has stopped among the members of the Keyport governing body.

“The Mayor and Council really gets along well now after years of constant battling,” said Bolte, “Republicans and Democrats are working well together and doing the right things for the borough.  We got the waterpark done, we’ve got the unions under control and we’re lowering expenses.  Things are going well now after almost six years of fighting.  I feel like it is a good time to step down and let someone else contribute.”

Bolte said she first got involved in politics to “protect Keyport from a small selfish group that wanted Keyport to remain the same.”  She had long advocated for a park on Keyport’s waterfront over the objections of members of the business community who feared it would hurt the borough’s economy.

“We got it done with over 70% of the funding coming from outside of the borough,” Bolte said referring to the park which she considers the biggest accomplishment of her six year tenure.

Keyport’s council is currently controlled by the Democratic Party, 4-2, with a Republican Mayor, Robert McLeod, who votes in the case of a tie.

Lamerson and incumbent Democrat Kenneth McPeek will face off with Republicans Ken Howe and Amanda Margagliano for control of the Keyport governing body in November.

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