Shooting in Freehold Kills One, Injures Another

One man is dead and another is in serious but stable condition as a result of a shooting incident in Freehold Boro early Saturday morning, according to an announcement by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Chris Swendeman, spokesman for the office, declined to give the names, ages, races or any other information about the victims

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Freehold Boro Councilman Jaye Sims, a Democrat, endorses Senator Jennifer Beck

Freehold Boro Councilman Jaye Sims announced his support for Senator Jennifer Beck’s reelection in the 11th legislative district.

An eleven year veteran of the Boro’s all Democrat governing body, Sims pointed to Beck’s record of success in delivering results for Freehold Borough and its overcrowded, underfunded schools as the main reason for his across-the-aisle endorsement.

“Senator Jennifer Beck has always been an independent voice who has consistently been an advocate for our residents, our children and our schools. Senator Beck has been instrumental in obtaining additional funding for Freehold Borough’s public schools, culminated in her success in securing $25 million in capital funding to renovate and enlarge Freehold Borough’s schools” said Councilman Sims. Read the rest of this entry »

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Freehold Man Admits Strangling His Pregnant Girlfriend

Sender Neftali Villatoro-Reyes, 27, of Freehold Borough, pleaded guilty on Friday to first degree Aggravated Manslaughter for the May 16, 2014 strangulation death of Lucenay Fermin Gallegos in their borough home, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni announced.

Fermin Gallegos, who was 30 years old at the time of her death, was five months pregnant.

Villatoro-Reyes called 911 at about 2:15 a.m. on May 16, 2014 and reported that he killed his girlfriend.  Freehold Borough police officers responded to the couple’s 51 Hudson Street home where they found Fermin Gallegos dead on the couch.  She was pronounced dead at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center at 3:27 a.m., according to Gramiccioni’s announcement.  Middlesex County Medical Examiner Diane Karluk ruled the cause of death as asphyxia due to manual strangulation following an autopsy performed the same day.

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Freehold Borough’s 9-11 Memorial

By Muriel J. Smith


photo via facebook

FREEHOLD – Small town America showed how big and magnificent it really is as the borough of Freehold’s Human Relations Committee conducted its Sept. 11 Remembrance ceremony at borough hall Sunday evening.

More than 500 participants and spectators filled the chairs and spilled out into Main Street, which the Mayor and Council had closed to vehicular traffic for the event to hear and see people of all ages participate in the program honoring the 147 residents of Monmouth County who lost their lives in the attacks 15 years ago.

Jane Fields chaired the event for the Committee, assisted by cochairman Gianna Dell’Omo.

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Kevin Kane lands a job in the Fulop Administration

Kevin KaneFreehold Borough Councilman Kevin Kane has landed a $65,000 per year job as the assistant director of Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop’s Office of Tax Abatement and Compliance.

The five term Democrat councilman who ran for Monmouth County Clerk last year against Christine Giordano Hanlon is responsible for the day to day operations of the office when the director is not at work, according to his Linkedin profile.  The office is charged with ensuring “adherence with all municipal ordinances, administrative codes and state statutes relating to tax abated development projects in Jersey City. The Compliance Office, reporting directly to the Business Administrator, is responsible for documenting all non-compliance issues and violations of the Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and Project Employment and Contracting Agreements (PECAs).” Kane recommends to the director any and all actions to be taken as a result of non-compliance in a specified project.

Prior to joining the Fulop administration, Kane was the Vice President of Operations for a Freehold based janitorial company owned by his parents.

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State senators get lesson in school overcrowding, underfunding in Freehold Borough

assetContentFREEHOLD BOROUGH – State Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Senators M. Teresa Ruiz and Jennifer Beck visited Park Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon to promote the value of the district’s early childhood education program. The met with teachers and students, watched them read books and heard them sing songs. Then were told that the benefits… Read the rest of this entry »

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Overcrowding crisis: Should N.J overrule voters, approve $33M school expansion?

FREEHOLD — The sign that hangs above the door says “library.” But students at Park Avenue Elementary School don’t come here to check out books. The room has been overtaken, repurposed into seven miniature and makeshift classrooms partitioned only by thin, 6-foot temporary dividers. Students learning English as their second language sit between those dividers, meeting… Read the rest of this entry »

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Rejected by voters twice, Freehold Boro Board of Ed moves to borrow $33 million for school construction

Superintendent of Schools: Referendum would have passed if illegals could vote

Residents are asked to comment after voting twice

By Caitlin Brown, Contributor

Despite two rejections by voters, the Freehold Borough School District has decided to move forward with plans to force taxpayers to borrow $33 IMG_4054million for the financing of state of the art construction and renovation to the district’s current schools, in order to cope with the influx of undocumented residents to the borough and the subsequent overcrowding of 500 additional students to the school district.

The Board of Education has decided to appeal to the New Jersey Comissioner of Education for the appropriation and authorization of the school bonds, but are required by State Department of Education guidelines to provide a public comment period for residents, open until June 8.

The referendum in dispute was first rejected in September and again in December, by residents who balked at the bond referendum’s total cost of $32,902,400. The proposal calls for bonds of $22,091,500 for the construction of additions to the Park Avenue Elementary and Intermediate School, including: an additional cafeteria; an additional gymnasium; four new classrooms; an additional girls’ locker room; renovations to five existing classrooms; renovations to one of the two boys’ locker rooms; and a new library/media room, as a result of the existing library having been converted due to lack of space elsewhere into cubicles for special needs and ESL learning, according to the district’s superintendent, Rocco Tomazic. A total of $10,633,300 is also being sought for the building of 13 pre-K and kindergarten classrooms at the Freehold Learning Center, as well as renovations to the cafeteria and a new kitchen receiving area, according to the district’s referendum schematic plans.

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Golden: The Next Generation is a Republican Generation

Shaun Golden

Chairman Shaun Golden

Monmouth County Republican Chairman Shaun Golden released a statement this morning announcing that his slate of municipal candidates this year included six Young Republican Leaders under the age of 35.

Candidates for local office filed to run with their respective Municipal Clerks all across Monmouth County on Monday. It is clear by the two parties’ selection of nominees, that Republicans in Monmouth County are the only ones offering voters a chance to elect a new generation of leaders with fresh, bold ideas for the future.

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Freehold Borough School Referendum December 9th

Gianna Dell' OmoBy Gianna Dell’Omo

Whether the Borough’s residents voted for or against the Board’s referendum, no one can deny that the overcrowding has been and remains an issue which requires  an acceptable solution.  The conflict arises as to whether the solution  should cost the Freehold Borough taxpayers close to $33 million.

A recent newspaper article read that 36 Borough pupils have been honored for earning a perfect score of 300 on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge testing.  Despite the lack of proper classroom space, the teachers and students have managed to overcome and excel, which should be commended.  The dedication of the staff and the willingness of the students to learn is,  in fact,  the true essence of an education.  No matter where the lesson is held, whether in a classroom, a gymnasium, in the corridor or under a tree in the courtyard, the core of education is in the connection made between the teacher and his pupil, not the venue.

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