Ciattarelli is guest speaker at Atlantic Highlands GOP meeting

Jack Ciattarelli

Jack Ciattarelli, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor of New Jersey, will be the guest speaker at the February 5 meeting of the Atlantic Highlands Republicans.

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More Ugly Nonsense In Atlantic Highlands GOP Primary

Atlantic Highlands Councilman Stephen Boracchia took to facebook yesterday evening and demonstrated why the Regular Republicans, who have been controlling the local party for the last several years, have lost 4 of the last 5 contested municipal offices.

Boracchia impugned the integrity of the Monmouth County Republican Organization team of candidates for promoting the fact that they do indeed have the support of the Monmouth County Republican Organization.  Boracchia, who’s wife is a Regular Republican candidate for County Committee in District 4, implied that his military service makes him a good arbiter of other people’s integrity, while he inaccurately stated that the Monmouth County Republican Organization slogan is not an endorsement. Read the rest of this entry »

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Democrat Councilman Expected To Resign in Atlantic Highlands

Atlantic Highlands Councilman Tom Hayden

MMM has learned that Atlantic Highlands Councilman Tom Hayden, a Democrat first elected last November, has sold his Garfield Ave home with the closing expected before the end of June. Hayden is said to be moving to the Leonardo section of Middletown where he bought a home from family member in a sweetheart deal and shrewd estate planning.

If Hayden resigns anytime before September 13, three of the six seats on the Borough Council—all currently held by Democrats—will be up for grabs on November 6.

This matters now to Atlantic Highlands Republicans, because the County Committee members elected in the contested primary on Tuesday, June 5 will choose the Republican candidate for Hayden’s seat.

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Atlantic Highlands Mayor Fred Rast Encourages Republicans and Independent Voters To Vote For Lou Fligor on June 2

Dear Citizens of Atlantic Highlands,

Over the past seven years that I have been your Mayor, I have made sure that politics played a very small role in operating our town. The successes we Fred Rasthave had during these years are 100% due to the fact that I, as Mayor, and most of our Council, have worked together to protect and enhance our town.

I have also never allowed political interference in my appointments and actions. As a matter of fact, approximately half of my appointments have been people who are not registered Republicans.

The County, as is their prerogative, have chosen to support the request of the Atlantic Highlands Chair of the Republican Party to place Jack Archibald as the “Party Line Candidate”. The vote of the local Republican Committee between Lou and Jack was a split vote of 4 to 4. We believe the people should have a choice so the Atlantic Highlands Republican party will have a primary on June 2, 2015.

Lou Fligor is his own man. He is the most dedicated public servant of the people of our town, a champion of our town’s people. He has led the battle to force the Gas Company’s clean-up operations. He spearheaded the committee to dissolve the Atlantic Highlands/Highlands Regional Sewer Authority, which has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last year alone. Lou is the person we all see working for our town 365 days a year, not just during election time. He is a self-made man, who keeps his actions above political considerations. He is a true, loyal friend to all of our town’s people. Lou wants the job, not just the title as Mayor.

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