Ciattarelli demands Cuomo and Murphy emails regarding nursing homes

Blasts Murphy for his silence regarding sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo.

Jack Ciattarelli, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor of New Jersey, today demanded that Governor Phil Murphy release his communications with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding their policies forcing COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes and blasted Murphy for his silence regarding the accusations of sexual harassment lodged against Cuomo.

“Governor Murphy’s willingness to treat sexual harassment allegations differently based on the party affiliation of the accused is despicable. I believe there is more at play here. Last week, I demanded all communications between Governors Murphy and Cuomo about the nursing home deaths they caused. Governor Murphy knows how damaging those records are and his refusal to say anything to anger Governor Cuomo shows we’re onto something. Release the records NOW!”

Ciattarelli made an OPRA request for Murphy’s communications with Cuomo last week, according to New Jersey Globe.

Murphy has been using his emergency powers, which he renews monthly, to deny most all OPRA requests from the press and the public.

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