Ciattarelli and Steinhart debates to be hosted by NJ Globe

Jack Ciattarelli and Doug Steinhardt are competing for the chance to run against Governor Phil Murphy in 2021

Republican County Committee Members and delegates to GOP county nominating conventions throughout New Jersey should mark their calendars for January 23 and February 28 when gubernatorial contenders Jack Ciattarelli and Doug Steinhardt are scheduled to faceoff in debates hosted by The New Jersey Globe.

Hirsh Singh, the other declared candidate, will be invited if he meets The Globe’s criteria of money raised or endorsements received by January 15.

David Wildstein, Editor of The Globe, will moderate the debates as he did for the most competitive congressional races and the U.S. Senate race this year.

The January 23 debate will be at 5PM on 77 WABC, The New Jersey Globe Power Hour, Wildstein’s weekly radio show. The February 28 debate will be at 9PM and livestreamed via social media platforms.

Ciattarelli, 59, is a retired magazine publisher, a former Assemblyman and former Somerset County Freeholder. He declared his candidacy in late 2019 and has qualified for state matching funds for the primary.

Steinhardt, 52, is a lawyer and lobbyist. He is the former mayor of Lotapatcong, the Chairman of the Warren County GOP since 2004 and stepped down as NJ GOP Chairman this month upon declaring his candidacy for governor. He served as NJ GOP Chairman since November of 2017.

Singh, 35, is employed by his parents. He lost primaries for governor in 2017, congress in 2018 and U.S Senate this year.

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4 Comments on “Ciattarelli and Steinhart debates to be hosted by NJ Globe”

  1. Chester Ripley said at 10:19 pm on December 29th, 2020:

    Singh, once thought to be a rising star in the GOP only a few years ago, now reduced to being described as 35 and employed by his parents. That leaves us a retired magazine publisher vs a lawyer. Enthralling.

  2. Focus. said at 9:18 am on January 2nd, 2021:

    Want to keep the one we’ve got? Pick one, and let’s get going…

  3. Vito Sanhueza said at 10:51 am on January 2nd, 2021:

    I believe the point by the OP was that none of these candidates are exciting in any way, shape, or form. GOP candidates in this state are behind the 8 ball to begin with in gubernatorial contests. If the best option is one these three, Murphy will cruise to re-election.

  4. Jose Freiwald said at 10:14 am on January 3rd, 2021:

    Sounds right @ this point, but 11/21 is a bit away & you never know what can happen. Whoever the GOP pick is, they have a shot, if they stress real issues, not the usual noise. Dare to be different. No guts,no glory.