Ciattarelli slams Murphy’s ‘State of the State’ campaign speech

Governor Phil Murphy launched his reelection campaign with a slick “State of the State” prerecorded production in an empty theater.

Murphy glossed over the devastation his failed policy dictates have caused on so many levels.

Jack Ciattarelli, the presumptive Republican nominee, issued the above response.

“Come on, Governor! This was no state of the state. This was a campaign speech.  Stop insulting us!  No, the pandemic isn’t easy, but your failed policies and gross incompetence have only made things worse.  Our neighbors and family are moving out of state; because you told them if taxes are their issue, they should leave.  Our main street small businesses are closing their doors; because you don’t seem to give a damn.  Our seniors – thousands of them – were sent to nursing homes and tragically lost their lives; because you let them down.  And, apparently, the quickest way to get a COVID vaccine is to commit a crime and go to jail.  Enough of this, New Jersey!  Governor Murphy has been in power for three years now. It’s time for us to ask ourselves, are we better off?  Democrats have controlled the legislature for over two decades, are we better off?  If you want a change, you’ve got to make a change. I’m determined to fix our broken state.  Together, we can. All we need is the right leader. A leader that understands New Jersey.  A leader committed to bold reforms.  We need a chief executive, not an out-of-touch elitist.  I am ready for the challenge.” – Jack Ciattarelli
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