Here’s how much money every N.J. school district gets in state funding shakeup

New Jersey’s school funding shakeupcontinues with Gov. Phil Murphy’s 2021 state budget proposal, producing another round of winners and losers.The annual changes range from a $55 million increase for Newark Public Schools to a $55 million decrease for Jersey City, which is losing state dollars because of its strengthened local tax base. (Find out how much Murphy proposed for your district in the search tool below.)The governor’s $9 billion investment in K-12 schools increases funding by $336 million, but only 64% of districts will receive more money. A small fraction of districts, just 12, are…

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4 Comments on “Here’s how much money every N.J. school district gets in state funding shakeup”

  1. Bob English said at 7:34 pm on February 28th, 2020:

    While all agree that some districts were underaided and definitely needed additional state funding, devastating cuts to others should never have been part of the solution. Note the State is not saying districts that are losing aid are spending too much….they are saying they are not taxing enough…and yet the State will not release the undelaying numbers to what has become their secret formula. Certainly sounds as if they are hiding something. The consequences of S-2 were very poorly thought out and need to be modified.

  2. Eric Houghtaling said at 8:15 am on February 29th, 2020:

    Screwed his own home town, again. $2.9 MILLION cut proposed on top of millions cut already.

    Yet Neptune’s Democrats voted for a school tax increase. ‘Voters get the government they deserve” seems to apply here except for the fact that good voters get screwed again.

  3. Our state motto said at 10:22 am on February 29th, 2020:

    is: “ I’m from NJ, please, tax me some more.“ “Liberty and Prosperity “ went away, decades ago.. The assemblyman is correct here, and some legislators know they can get away with receiving more hard- earned tax dollars to spend: (and without their having to record votes to get it:) couch it in feel- good purposes:this will “save green space,” that will “fix our roads and bridges, this will be “ for the children:” always, to save the arts and sports- which parents want-it goes on and on..Ok, just this time, but no more!- then, next year, it’s two or three MORE asks, as though we already don’t pay enough! ..But, watch the wordings of the referenda questions: done to incur about an 85% -90% YES result. Yes, voters are sadly, very uninformed, and self- flagellating,( and broke,) here!- It’s un- fix- able!

  4. Bob English said at 4:20 pm on March 1st, 2020:

    Its not online (yet) but the Asbury Park Press has a great editorial on the topic in Sundays paper.