N.J. teachers layoffs must be based on seniority, not performance, judge rules

TRENTON — A group of Newark parents has lost a legal battle to overhaul the way public school teachers in the state are laid-off — dealing another blow to education reform groups that have tried to dismantle similar protections across the country. In New Jersey, school districts must lay off teachers based on seniority, regardless of…

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2 Comments on “N.J. teachers layoffs must be based on seniority, not performance, judge rules”

  1. Yet another said at 11:47 am on May 5th, 2017:

    example of how sad conditions in NJ have become, and how too much liberalism and union domination, eats away at and destroys a society. In one area after another, we see how liberal policies, excuses for bad behavior, the almighty lobbyists and campaign money, and governmental overreach in all aspects of life, accompanied by the continuous and unending of taxpayer money confiscation wind up destroying the very causes and services they were supposed to champion and help. I don’t understand how some of these judges sleep at night, really.

  2. Steve Adams said at 12:58 am on May 7th, 2017:

    Decisions should be based on what is best for students. Schools should be run to meet our obligation to educate students. Only the unions and politicians that have been bought off say anything different.