Here’s how much money every N.J. school district gets in state funding shakeup

New Jersey’s school funding shakeupcontinues with Gov. Phil Murphy’s 2021 state budget proposal, producing another round of winners and losers.The annual changes range from a $55 million increase for Newark Public Schools to a $55 million decrease for Jersey City, which is losing state dollars because of its strengthened local tax base. (Find out how much Murphy proposed for your district in the search tool below.)The governor’s $9 billion investment in K-12 schools increases funding by $336 million, but only 64% of districts will receive more money. A small fraction of districts, just 12, are… Read the rest of this entry »

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Sweeney again says state government could shut down without a deal on school funding

TRENTON — Senate President Stephen Sweeney on Monday said he plans to meet with Gov. Chris Christie this week on the state budget — a negotiating session that could deliver a small dose of school reform or a messy government shutdown. If Christie won’t play ball on a school funding deal Democratic leaders reached last week,… Read the rest of this entry »

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Beck: School Funding Should Be Fair and Transparent

Senator Jennifer Beck

By Senator Jennifer Beck

The biggest issue facing our state is property taxes.  And the biggest impact on that issue is school taxes.

Over the next several weeks, a new plan for school funding will be debated in Trenton.

There aren’t a lot of details being provided on this plan or its methodology, but estimates suggest that it could end up costing Monmouth County schools over $100 million in state school aid.

This plan, if estimates are true, isn’t a fair or equitable solution to our school funding crisis.

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