QuickChek is lying to customers about shopping bag ban

The QuickChek convenience store in Highlands is lying to its customers regarding the plastic shopping bag ban imposed on its customers on January 1.

Customers using the self check out machines have been greeted by the above pictured sign which states that local legislation no longer permits the store to provide single use plastic bags.  That statement is not true.  Highlands does not have an ordinance that prohibits stores from providing their customers with shopping bags, plastic or otherwise.

There is no local legislation that has approved the sale of bags for $.10.

The CVS pharmacy next store to QuickChek, also in Highlands, continues to provide its customers free shopping bags.  The Welsh Farms, K, and Katz’s in downtown Highlands continue to provide free shopping bags.

Twice an employee charged with supervising the self serve check out stations belligerently defended her employer’s lies with her own lies.  The employee claimed that CVS is in Middletown and insisted that there is legislation that applies to the region that prohibits single use plastic bags.

QuickChek corporate has not yet responded to a voicemail and an email offering a comment or explanation.

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2 Comments on “QuickChek is lying to customers about shopping bag ban”

  1. Jon Crowley said at 2:51 pm on January 6th, 2020:

    Bring your own reusable bag and eliminate whatever problem you see from not having a single use plastic bag at the checkout. With approximately 100 New Jersey municipalities banning plastic bags — and passage two weeks ago in the state Senate budget committee — change is coming. Jump on board and do something that’s a positive for our environment!

  2. Art Gallagher said at 3:12 pm on January 6th, 2020:

    Councilman Crowley,

    I would rather not use “reusable” bags that could easily be contaminated with bacteria to carry my food. I would prefer paper bags which were plentiful in my youth before the lunatic left sold a gullible public on the idea that trees are not a renewable resource and that petroleum based plastic was better for the environment.

    But that is not the point of this article. This article is about QuickChek lying AND making the experience of shopping there less convenient.

    I don’t care if they unilaterally choose not to provide shopping bags. I have other choices.

    I do care that they are blaming their unpopular choice on “local legislation” in order to mislead their customers, many of whom are my readers.

    As for the “local legislation” you championed in Atlantic Highlands, hopefully it will be overturned by the new Republican majority.

    You, Jon, put one of the largest businesses in your town at a competitive disadvantage with your silly ban. Shame on you.

    I, and many others are shopping in Middletown until the ban is lifted or until the lunatics in Trenton level the playing field.