Why I’m voting for Ken Braswell and Rosemary Ryan for Highlands Council

By Art Gallagher

On Tuesday November 7, I will enthusiastically cast my vote for Highlands Borough Council for Ken Braswell and Rosemary Ryan.  If you live in Highlands, I hope you do too.

Ken and Rosemary are ‘new blood with experience,’ if that makes sense. They both have worked hard, as volunteers, for the Highlands community for many years while avoiding the often nasty political fray. They have both served our community unselfishly with dignity and respect for all. They truly are “level headed leaders.”

What I really appreciate about both Ken and Rosemary, is that you can disagree with them about important issues while continuing to maintain mutual respect and affinity. A difference of opinion or a different agenda does not end the conversation or turn into a shouting match. A difference of opinion or agenda does not make someone ‘bad’ or ‘the enemy’ for Ken or Rosemary.
They both listen to the thoughts and concerns of others, especially those they disagree with. They both do their homework. They are not embarrassed to ask questions that reveal that they don’t know something. They are capable of changing their position on an issue when they learn new information.

They are also capable of persuading others to their point of view, with information and respect.

We need that kind of maturity and dignity on Highlands’ council.

Ken and Rosemary are both willing to serve because they care about Highlands. Not our location or topography…we all love where we live…they care about and know our community…us…the people who live here.

Neither Ken or Rosemary are motivated by personal ambition for status, power or a political career. They see the problems and opportunities facing Highlands. They have the skills, knowledge and commitment to make a difference. They step up. That is who they both are, and have been, for Highlands.

The other candidates running are good people who contribute to our community. We should thank them for their willingness to serve, for putting their names on the line and doing the hard work of campaigning.

I really wish former Mayor Frank Nolan had taken more time before jumping back into politics. Frank is my friend. I told him privately why I think it is a personal mistake for him to jump back in after only one year out of office. Frank made the right decision last year, personally and for Highlands, not to seek a third term as Mayor. His second term was a big disappointment, on many levels, which he does not deny.

Before this campaign started, I felt that it would not be in the best interest of Highlands for Frank to be back in office so soon. Nothing has happened over the course of the campaign to change my mind. On the contrary, I am more convinced now than I was a couple of months ago that now is not the time for Frank to be back in office.

Greg Wells seems like a smart guy. I think he needs to get to know the people of the community better before he is given the opportunity to implement the significant changes he has in mind. Reading minutes of old meetings is useful to learn about how we got to where we are, but it doesn’t replace getting to know and respect the people who are the fabric of our community.

John Coberg is a great guy who has contributed to Highlands for many years. I think it is great that John is running, but Ken and Rosemary are the better choice.

Ken Braswell and Rosemary Ryan are our best choice if we want a council that works well together, even when there are disagreements, and moves Highlands forward without rancor and drama. I don’t always agree with Ken and Rosemary. I do trust them and knowing them as I do, I can’t imagine them violating the public’s trust or leading with anything but integrity and the best for Highlands at heart.

That’s why I am voting for Braswell and Ryan. If you live in Highlands, I hope you do too.
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One Comment on “Why I’m voting for Ken Braswell and Rosemary Ryan for Highlands Council”

  1. joan shipley said at 9:35 pm on November 5th, 2017:

    We don’t need anymore building in this town no more condoes we need low income and affordable houding do they about the poor or just the rich we want someone who is going to care about our hills and waterways noy just money building leave our hills alone no more building on them we need more for the kids too what are ur views
    meone wh