In Highlands, Carolyn Broullon and John Urbanski are the best choices for council

Carolyn Broullon and John Urbanski

By Art Gallagher

When the September deadline for candidates to submit their petitions for Highlands’ non-partisan municipal elections passed, many in town were disappointed and concerned that there were only three candidates to choose from for the two seats.

Council President Carolyn Broullon is an obvious choice for reelection.  It’s hard to believe Broullon is finishing only her first term. She as accomplished a great deal in her three years on the council and has made a positive difference in the community.

Friends of former Councilman John Urbanski have launched a Write-In campaign to draft Urbanski into service.  I’m writing John in and I urge my neighbors in town to do the same. Johnny says he’s willing.  We all know he’s able.

Carolyn and John are both level headed and knowledgeable leaders who will look out for the best interests of residents.  I don’t believe either of them are motivated by anything other than doing right for the town.   They have the best knowledge and experience.

Neither of the other two candidates, Greg Wells and Linda Mazzolla, are generating any excitement in the community, especially now that their signature issue…opposing a drug rehab facility..is moot.  The company applying to put such a facility in town withdrew their zoning application.

Wells’ and Mazzolla’s campaigns prior to the withdrawal of the rehab facility’s application revealed that they are not yet ready to serve on the governing body.  Their campaign against the facility would have prevented them from hearing a zoning appeal as council members. They disqualified themselves from impacting their signature issue.

Wells came in third in a four person race for council last year. Other than his opposition to the now irrelevant drug rehab, there is nothing new in his message.

Mazzolla is new to town.  She seems to be smart and committed, but from reading her website, she obviously does not know the basics about how municipal government works.  Mazzolla should get involved in the town and meet more people before trying to govern.

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  1. Urbanski said at 9:58 pm on November 3rd, 2018:

    would win any Irish CarBomb chugging contest hands down.