Leinsdorf calls for sidewalks on Route 36

Atlantic Highlands activist Joshua Leinsdorf says that Route 36 in Atlantic Highlands, Highlands and Middletown has a higher per capita pedestrian death rate tham Newark and he wants our elected officials to come together to solve the problem rather than blaming other agencies has they have for years.

Leinsdorf posted the following video and narrative on Art Gallagher’s personal facebook page:

Route 36 is a state highway under the jurisdiction of the NJ Department of Transportation.  Atlantic Highlands, Highlands and Middletown border the road at the corner shown in Leinsdorf’s video. Monmouth County Road 8 intersects the state highway at this location.

Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Declan O’Scanlon, Assembly Members Serena DiMaso and Gerry Scharfenberger, as well as the mayors of Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, and Middletown are tagged in this post.   Let’s see what happens.

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2 Comments on “Leinsdorf calls for sidewalks on Route 36”

  1. Nothing said at 5:12 pm on January 23rd, 2020:

    Nothing will happen.

    I tried to share a similar video of Rt 36 in West Long Branch/Eatontown a number of years ago. There is a NJ Transit bus stop out in front of the golf course across 4 lanes of traffic, and a muddy median, from Home Depot/Taco Bell. There are no sidewalks to the bus stop from any direction — either the ShopRight/Dunkin Donuts to the East or DMV to the West. The NJ Transit stop should just be a sign for “DANGEROUS PEDESTRIAN CROSSING TO BE MADE HERE”. I’d share the video I made but it’s been so long I forget where it is even.

    The whole highway is terrible and no one elected anywhere cares.

  2. William Tellefsen said at 11:46 am on January 24th, 2020:

    There are no sidewalks from Portland road down the hill for bicycles or pedestrians. Sidewalks end at the worst part of the road and start again at the easiest . Very dangerous to walk down Portland or Serpentine. Easy to fix but it costs money