Golden: Don’t use law enforcement to pursue marijuana agenda

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden issued a sharp criticism of Jersey City’s decision to unilaterally decriminalize marijuana possession last night via twitter:

Jersey City’s new municipal prosecutor Jake Hudnut and Mayor Steve Fulop directed last week that assistant prosecutors in the city should dismiss or divert charges of marijuana possession, especially for defendants with criminal records and signs of addiction. 

Hudnut argued in his memo that his action is a social justice issue and that it is consistent with the results of last year’s gubernatorial election when Governnor Phil Murphy campaigned on legalizing recreational marijuana.

NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal issued a letter to Hudnut informing him that he does not have the authority to decriminalize marijuana and criticizing him for not consulting with the AG’s office or the Hudson County prosecutor prior to issuing the memo to the Jersey City assistant municipal prosecutors.

Hudnut and Fulop responded defiantly, claiming their unilateral policy is within their prosecutorial discretion.

Sherriff Golden says Jersey City’s actions are dangerous and political. “If you disagree with the law-change it, Stop using LE to pursue agenda. “

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2 Comments on “Golden: Don’t use law enforcement to pursue marijuana agenda”

  1. Justin Escher Alpert said at 8:34 am on July 23rd, 2018:

    There is neither a duty to follow nor enforce an unjust law. Cannabis is a God-given herb (see Genesis 1:11-12 KJV). Free citizens have a natural right to cultivate, access, and responsibly use this plant. We should be expanding a broad sense of both Liberty and Justice for All.

  2. Very psyched said at 6:19 pm on July 23rd, 2018:

    that the Chair is concerned about issues 47 miles away.