Kevin Kane lands a job in the Fulop Administration

Kevin KaneFreehold Borough Councilman Kevin Kane has landed a $65,000 per year job as the assistant director of Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop’s Office of Tax Abatement and Compliance.

The five term Democrat councilman who ran for Monmouth County Clerk last year against Christine Giordano Hanlon is responsible for the day to day operations of the office when the director is not at work, according to his Linkedin profile.  The office is charged with ensuring “adherence with all municipal ordinances, administrative codes and state statutes relating to tax abated development projects in Jersey City. The Compliance Office, reporting directly to the Business Administrator, is responsible for documenting all non-compliance issues and violations of the Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and Project Employment and Contracting Agreements (PECAs).” Kane recommends to the director any and all actions to be taken as a result of non-compliance in a specified project.

Prior to joining the Fulop administration, Kane was the Vice President of Operations for a Freehold based janitorial company owned by his parents.

Kane was one of 11 people to apply for the job, according to published reports.  His hiring has caused some controversy in Jersey City because Fulop has been hiring several out of city Democrats for patronage jobs.  Jersey City Councilman Rich Boggiano told the Jersey Journal that Kane’s hire, along with those of an Edison councilman and a Bergen County Freeholder are part of Fulop’s effort to build support for his expected gubernatorial bid next year.  Boggiano wants Fulop to hire Jersey City residents.  Fulop has been a frequent visitor to Monmouth County this year, spending more time here than Governor Christie spent in Iowa.

Kane earns $8,348 as a councilman in Freehold, according to DataUniverse.  On May 1 he will celebrate his 12th anniversary in the Public Employees Retirement System for his service and a councilman. This new job will be a big boost to his government pension.

Former Governor Jim McGreevey was the director of the Jersey City Office of Compliance for four months prior to starting to collect his state pension.

In past campaigns, Monmouth Democrats have made an issue of patronage appointments.  Jeff Cantor and Vinnie Solomeno are grateful that the criticism was empty and they’re hopeful that jobs in a Fulop gubernatorial administration pay more than $65K.

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5 Comments on “Kevin Kane lands a job in the Fulop Administration”

  1. Dems said at 8:58 am on March 9th, 2016:

    do take better care of their own: sounds like a great office for gathering as many fees, fines and penalties possible.. over- regulation, at all levels, is killing us, period, and, the Dems love it more than the R’s- but it’s all too much: hence, the electorate is more fed up by the day! Fasten your seat belts this year- incumbents beware.

  2. Pain in the Kane said at 9:45 am on March 9th, 2016:

    Kane is no spring chicken. Patronage position for sure, and you think this Jersey City position help pad Kane’s NJ State pension when he retires in a few short years as well? KevKane will have enriched his 20 plus years of Freehold Boro Councilman pension by “many” fold. Will Kane drive to Jersey City every day to report to work or will Kane elect to perform his duties from his desk in Freehold Boro at his “111 South Contractors” janitorial service office desk? Maybe this is a one day a week Jersey City Job, or maybe it is a no show position. Be good to hear from a Freehold Boro resident on Kane sightings during regular work week hours? Keep in mind that Roger Kane, the father of Kevin, is the former Dem Mayor of Freehold Boro as well as former party chairman, and current District 1 democrat committee man, and that Kevin IS THE FREEHOLD BORO DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN! Anyone else recognized the foul stench wafting down from Jersey City into Monmouth County?

  3. Art Gallagher said at 10:07 am on March 9th, 2016:

    Thanks Pain. I updated the story to include the pension implications.

  4. Jersey City/ Hudson County said at 11:37 am on March 9th, 2016:

    folks and tactics have been trickling into this county, since at least the 70’s: many reports of various types of voter fraud/ rough tactics have been rampant, in places like Long Branch, c.d. 6, Asbury, and elsewhere: they don’t change their spots,just because they moved to a better place: they bring their campaign and voting habits with them,and, like viruses, work to destroy the good things many worked hard to build here..again, he ran and lost, and his political bosses took care of him..it’s what they do: if the actually better Dem county ticket happens to lose this year, am sure each person has already struck a deal for their piece, afterwards..

  5. Pain in the Kane said at 12:35 pm on March 9th, 2016:


    How about Kane’s good buddy, former Freehold Boro Mayor Mike Wilson? Proprietor of a failed jewelry store. When the store went out of business, Wilson milked his Democrat party status as the “longest serving Mayor” in NJ and FB Democrat Municipal Party Chairman, to land a cushy nonsensical job at the New Jersey Turnpike Authority ( billboard advertising rental AKA real estate LOL). Appointed by John Corozine, worked at the NJTP for less than 10 years, $80K+ salary plus $50K+ pension. Guess being an FB Democrat pays off.