Law Enforcement Lines Up For Golden

img_2358-578x640Using the superlatives “ultimate”, “innovator,” “revolutionary,” and “extraordinary,” Monmouth County and State Law Enforcement associations lined up to endorse Sheriff Shaun Golden for a third full term leading the County’s law enforcement and emergency management operations.

The State P.B.A., the Monmouth County Conference of P.B.A. Delegates, P.B.A. Local #314 (Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers)and P.B.A Local #240 (Monmouth County’s Correction Officers) each cited Golden’s extensive law enforcement and EMS background, his leadership and his embrace of advanced technology to increase the effectiveness and cost efficiency of his Office as reasons to keep him on the job.

“Sheriff Golden is the ultimate leader in law enforcement, corrections, 9-1-1 communications and emergency management. As a result of his innovative skills, he has revolutionized the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, which serves as a model for others to follow,” said Michael Tardio, Chairman of the Monmouth County Conference of Delegates.

“In addition, Sheriff Golden recognizes the challenges facing Law Enforcement and Public Safety. His judgement and advanced technological strategies have enabled first responders to operate at a higher level. The use of state of the art technology and interoperability have enhanced shared services and provided more efficient and effective services at a cost savings,” Tardio said.

“During his time with the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Shaun Golden has revolutionized the agency,” said P.B.A. Local #314 President Robert Derasmo. “His implementation of advanced technological strategies has propelled local law enforcement into operating at a higher level. This use of technology has enabled the expansion of Shared Services, which has saved the tax payer’s money by reducing redundancy in local law enforcement. These advancements have created efficiency and provided more information to frontline officers, thus facilitating a safer community policing experience.”

“Sheriff Shaun Golden is an innovator and an extraordinary leader of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office,” Anthony Anderson, President of P.B.A. Local #240 said. “During his tenure as Sheriff, Golden as achieved what for many government leaders would be unimaginable—he has reduced his department’s budget by millions of dollars while enhancing the working conditions of the men and women who have sworn to protect and serve Monmouth County residents.  As his employees and as taxpayers in Monmouth County, we are proud to encourage our friends and families to vote for him on November 8.”

Patrick Colligan, President of the 33,000 member State P.B.A. noted proactive policing and proactive assistance to local police departments in his association’s endorsement.


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