Bill to legalize recreational marijuana in N.J. set to be unveiled

TRENTON — A state lawmaker on Monday is scheduled to unveil legislation that would legalize, regulate, and tax recreational marijuana in New Jersey. State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union) will formally announce the Democratic-sponsored measure noon at Monday at a news conference at the Statehouse in Trenton. Medical marijuana is already legal in the state. But if…

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9 Comments on “Bill to legalize recreational marijuana in N.J. set to be unveiled”

  1. Legalize Steriods and HGH! said at 12:05 pm on May 15th, 2017:

    So I’d like to start the movement to legalize anabolic steroids and HGH, because harmless fun and I’d like see more home runs in MLB again too.

    While I’m at, I’m starting movements to legalize recreational insulin, recreational epi pens, recreational asthma inhalers, and in the spirit of it being Derek Jeter week, recreational Valtrex too!

    For the people who need, or just enjoy these drugs, it would be fun and recreational to have more access to these drugs at cheaper prices without the cost of doctors and pharmacies involved.

    This is great, drugs are great, America is great, again!

  2. Hear ya- said at 3:37 pm on May 15th, 2017:

    we are about to finish committing social suicide, for tax money, for unending giveaways, for votes: the last damn thing NJ, the most crowded, densely-populated, grumpy and impatient state needs, is more high idiots on our broken, crowded roads, in our increasingly bad- behavior neighborhoods. This is the Dems creating yet another revenue stream on the cheap, and at the expense of even more kids, and our already messed- up, downgraded-values, culture. What a disaster this is going to be. All the more reason to give up, and get out.

  3. DiBella Lied said at 4:40 pm on May 15th, 2017:

    Christie is an idiot. Alcohol, far more than marijuana, is a “gateway drug.” The vast majority of addicts had their first beer long before they ever smoked their first joint.

    That said, it is about time that New Jersey legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Marijuana is a plant that grows naturally in the wild. People have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years. Marijuana is not addictive. Marijuana does far less damage to society than does alcohol or tobacco.

  4. Mike Harmon said at 4:54 pm on May 15th, 2017:

    Stoned and texting while driving on the busiest streets of America.

    I guess if everyone is “wrecked on Main Street drinking the unholy blood” ( a little BS reference) no one will care about:
    1. NJ’s structural fiscal deficit which is so large we cannot tax our way out of or cut costs enough to move the needle.
    2. With only two carriers remaining in NJ, the collapse of the unaffordable Affordable Care Act driving small business out of business and leaving many families unable to even meet deductibles – so they don’t get health care because they cannot afford it.

    I would also suspect that legalizing pot will do wonders for the expansion of future number of opiate and heroin users. We will have perfectly ok? legal pot now laced with Mexican Black Tar Heroin, k2 or Chinese fentanyl.

    Decriminalization is one thing while legalization says it is ok and our leaders (haha) support it.

  5. Agreed said at 9:45 pm on May 15th, 2017:

    hey now… the name calling is uncalled for, but exactly… recreational anabolic steroids, recreation HGH, recreational insulin, recreational epi pens, recreational asthma inhalers, and in the spirit of it being Derek Jeter week, recreational Valtrex “does far less damage to society than does alcohol or tobacco.”

    Is that really the bar? Seems like a lot of focus on a non-issue and non-problem — it’s a money making scheme — while other much more common and needed medicine is still unaffordable and unavailable to people with chronic, debilitating diseases. I think we’ve lost focus on the purpose of drugs as a medicinal remedy to illness in favor of drugs as a new income source for the greedy and abusive government. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  6. Bubba Zinetti said at 7:33 am on May 16th, 2017:

    The best answer to “is cannabis a gateway drug?” is probably not. More research is needed.

    Here are other factors that contribute to drug abuse.
    When analyzing what acts as a “gateway” to hard drug use, there are a number of factors at play. None involve marijuana.

    Poverty and poor social environment is a gateway to drugs, according to much research.

    Association with people who use hard drugs is a better predictor of harder drug use.

    Certain mental illnesses, such as antisocial personality and bipolar disorder, are found to predispose some people to use drugs.

    Other research notes that criminalization and prohibition are real gateways to harder drugs.

    All of the other drugs that were listed in previous posts(HGH, insulin, asthma inhalers etc…)Have substantially higher risks than use of cannabis. There were ZERO cannabis overdoses last year (it may have contributed to deaths in other ways). There were ~2200 alcohol poisonings last year(it may have contributed to deaths in other ways). That is just for alochol, which is legal to purchase and consume for someone over the age of 21.

  7. wait,what? said at 4:24 pm on May 16th, 2017:

    hgh and inhalers are riskier than weed?

    i also would like to know why you pot heads are begging the state to please levy yet another tax ipon you? dont you guys also pay enough taxes already? if you advocate legal and dont tax me then it makes some sense buu you are begging for more taxes. what timeline are we living in?

  8. The NJ Zone- Out: said at 4:49 am on May 17th, 2017:

    have said for years our state motto of “Liberty and Prosperity” has long ago been replaced by:” I’m from NJ, PLEASE, tax me some more!”.. they say we get the kind of government we deserve, well, despite the bragging of a high secondary school graduation rate here, one has to question quality: too many New Jerseyans seem to be,and vote, cluelessly and just plain dumb! This is another certain disaster, which will result in many more problems, and deaths, for no reasons other than cheap, quick fixes, and another pot,( pardon the pun, ) of ill-gotten, and sure-to-be-wasted, cash!

  9. Bubba Zinetti said at 8:51 am on May 17th, 2017:

    Albuterol can cause death at higher doses.

    Here are some of the side effects of HGH overdose/abuse: Liver damage, abnormal growth of bones and connective tissues a.k.a. agromegaly, heart enlargement, excessive body hair and lower blood sugar are some of the most common in this regard. Prolonged usage of human growth hormone is not advisable without a prescription from a qualified physician.

    Here is the LD 50 of cannabis 42 mg/kg body weight of pure THC. For a 75 kg person (165 lbs) that would mean that the person would have to ingest 3.15 g of pure THC in order to have a 50% chance of dying. So you would have to smoke 15.75 grams of the finest cannabis that is 20% THC, in a short time, without falling asleep. So, yeah, HGH and albuterol is more dangerous than cannabis. What with the liver damage and bronchial spasms and all that.

    As far as a the taxes are concerned, it is a sin tax. Much like the tax on alcohol or tobacco, you don’t pay it if you don’t use it.