Hanlon’s App Gives Voters Easy Access To Election Information

With the primary election coming up on June 6, Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon wants all voters in the County to have easy access to the information they need to exercise their right to choose the nominees of their parties.

In addition to the website, Monmouth County Votes, Hanlon’s Office launched a app for smartphone users that is available via the iTunes appstore for iPhones and via the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The app let’s you check to see if you are registered to vote, provides information on how to register and declare you Party declaration, request a mail in ballot, locate your polling place, view a sample ballot and apply to be a poll worker.  As an added bonus, you get Hanlon’s picture on your phone.

“Monmouth County Votes utilizes modern technology to engage more citizens in the democratic process and to make information readily available to voters,” said Hanlon.

The app also features push notifications to immediately notify users about important voter deadlines.

“With the use of social media and smart phone apps, we live in a world where we are instantly informed about news,” said Hanlon. “With our Monmouth County Votes app, voters are immediately updated with the latest voter news and deadlines.”

The iTunes app can be download here.  The Android app can be downloaded here.

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