Vote for Burry and Impreveduto Today

Most of the attention has been on the gubernatorial race in today’s Primary election.  But there is a race for the GOP nominations for Monmouth County Freeholder that could impact the quality of life for local residents more than the governor’s race.

Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and Holmdel Deputy Mayor Pat Impreveduto are being challenged by a couple of Ciattarelli sycophants that we haven’t heard from since MMM reported their petition fraud to get on the ballot.

No one expects Lillian and Pat to have a problem securing the nomination.  That’s the danger.  In an expected low turnout election, shocking surprises have been know to happen.   In Highlands, our popular Mayor Rick O’Neil once lost primary to a complete unknown because too many of Rick’s supporters figured he had it in the bag and didn’t bother voting.

Vote today.  If you’re a Republican or Unaffiliated voter in Monmouth County, vote for Lillian G. Burry and Patrick Impreveduto for Freeholder.

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