PBA Local 240 Endorses Golden, Arnone and DiMaso for Reelection

shaun-tom-serena1Freehold, NJ- Anthony Anderson, President of the Police Benevolent Association Local #240, Monmouth County’s 300 corrections officers, announced the union’s support of Sheriff Shaun Golden and Freeholders Tom Arnone and Serena DiMaso for reelection on November 8.

“Sheriff Shaun Golden is an innovator and an extraordinary leader of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office,” Anderson said. “During his tenure as Sheriff, Golden as achieved what for many government leaders would be unimaginable—he has reduced his department’s budget by millions of dollars while enhancing the working conditions of the men and women who have sworn to protect and serve Monmouth County residents.  As his employees and as taxpayers in Monmouth County, we are proud to encourage our friends and families to vote for him on November 8.

“Freeholders Tom Arnone and Serena DiMaso have proven themselves to be strong stewards of Monmouth County’s government and strong supporters of law enforcement and public safety.

“Through his advocacy of Shared Services, especially 911 dispatch services, Arnone has increased public safety and saved taxpayers millions of dollars on both the municipal and county levels of government.  Arnone is tireless in his efforts to improve the quality of life in Monmouth County and improving the efficiency and quality of Monmouth County’s government.  Arnone’s commitment to the use of cutting edge technology in law enforcement and public safety saves lives.

“As the daughter of a New York police officer and the sister of an NYPD police Captain, DiMaso knows and appreciates the sacrifices those of us in uniform make every day.  As a first responder herself, with the Holmdel First Aid Squad, DiMaso knows what it like to be “on call” and to answer the call of duty to help others in need.   As the liason to the County’s Emergency Management Office, Freeholder DiMaso has always seen to it that Monmouth County is prepared to respond to emergencies and natural disasters.

“PBA Local #240 is proud to work with Sheriff Shaun Golden, Freeholder Director Tom Arnone and Freeholder Deputy Director Serena DiMaso.  We strongly encourage Monmouth County voters to keep them on the job.”

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