Desperate Doherty alleges voter suppression

doherty-voter-suppressionBelmar Mayor Matt Doherty, a Democrat candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder, has posted a plea to his supporters on social media to make sure they get out to vote for him because Republicans might try to suppress the vote.

Doherty linked his comment to an Asbury Park Press article about alleged voter suppression during the 1981 New Jersey gubernatorial election when Tom Kean, Sr defeated then Congressman Jim Floro by 1797 votes and the Democratic National Committee’s allegation that Donald Trump’s campaign in attempting to suppress minority turnout in this year’s election.

Lorenzo W. Dangler, president of the Greater Long Branch NAACP, told APP that he was unaware of any real fears of voter suppression in Monmouth County. Dangler emphasized that his organization has not endorsed any candidates.  “We’re neutral,” he said.

But Doherty has reason to be concerned. Not that voters will be illegally prevented from voting, but that his anticipated support is being greatly suppressed by his horrendous record as mayor in Belmar where he has increased debt by over $12 million (exclusive of Sandy related debt), plugged budget holes with increased beach and parking fees, violated the civil rights of Belmar citizens and visitors and cashed in on the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused in Belmar by giving a no-bid clean up contract worth $4.2 million to a client of his wife.

Christie DohertyDoherty is likely to come in fourth in the the race for the two freeholder seats being defended by Freeholder Director Tom Arnone and Deputy Director Serena DiMaso.  Many Democrat voters are appalled by Doherty’s record and his cozy relationship with Governor Chris Christie.  Sue Fulton, the other Democrat running for freeholder, has impressed many on the stump and at public debates while Doherty has disappointed.

Republicans are suppressing Doherty’s votes with a TV ad that started running on cable yesterday:

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One Comment on “Desperate Doherty alleges voter suppression”

  1. Nice try, said at 8:24 am on October 31st, 2016:

    guy, this is code for begging his base to show up: the party of voter “amplification,”that would be his Dems, are far better at knocking and dragging out questionable voters, than any so- called “suppression” efforts: all we want is a fair vote, read: only live, legal citizens, each holding the right and privilege to their ONE precious vote, deserve to pick who rules us. This should not be hard, but if anything, 2016 is showing an unprecedented effort at rigging/stealing the White House, and as many down- ballot fallouts as possible! Enough with their slimy tactics: let’s pay attention as Americans, and see that we get this election done right!