Year in review: September 2015

Freeholder John Curley

Freeholder John Curley

Freeholder John P. Curley released an anonymous letter that alleged improprieties in the County’s pilot Tax Assessment Demonstration Program.  Curley called for the suspension of the program and referred the letter to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Three weeks later, the Asbury Park Press published an expose into potential ethical conflicts that occurred in the implementation of the program.  In December, the Monmouth County Tax Board announced that municipalities could opt-out of the program for the 2017 tax year. APP has claimed credit, which arguably should go to Curley, for all actions taken regarding the ADP program since they published the expose.

Grand Jury subpoenas related to the program have been served on several Monmouth County municipalities.

A contract was awarded for the long awaited Shark River Dredging Project.

Yogi Berra died and the fat lady sung for Scott Walker’s presidential campaign.

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