Beck Is Enthusiastic About Gopal’s Challenge

Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck welcomed “Camden County Vin” Gopal to the campaign for New Jersey Senate from the 11th Legislative District (parts of southern and western Monmouth County) today.

Beck said Gopal is “Camden County’s hand-picked candidate” and noted that he has failed in his two previous attempts to be elected to public office.

“I’m unsurprised by Mr. Gopal’s hyper-negative statement announcing his candidacy, given he has no accomplishments of his own to stand on. After two unsuccessful attempts at holding public office before he even turned 30, it is no wonder that Vin has decided that the only path to victory is to try and discredit his opponent rather than speaking about his accomplishments. I will be running this campaign as I always have – on my record of being an independent, thoughtful voice for Monmouth County’s residents.


I’m proud to have stood up to my party on issues that are important to everyday residents, like my opposition to the billion dollar gas tax hike, opposing the Governor’s book deal and pay raises for the political elite, defending our State’s horse racing industry, opposing fracking, promoting smart guns, voting for marriage equality, and advocating for women’s health funding.

Mr. Gopal, on the other hand, is bought and paid for the Camden County Democrats, receiving nearly $1 million since he has been the Monmouth County Chairman alone. This is the same Vin Gopal who proclaimed in 2009 that New Jersey had to “fight like hell” to ensure that Governor Corzine was re-elected. Rest assured that Mr. Gopal’s stances on issues are dictated by his political patrons in Camden – not the residents of Monmouth.

I take great pride in my ability to reach across the aisle and get things done for Monmouth County. Legislators discussed the possibility of dredging the Shark River for 20 years – that project is now nearing completion. I vocally opposed and organized the citizens’ opposition to New Jersey’s gasoline tax increase, starting a petition that garnered over 20,000 signatures and hosted rallies all over my district. Underfunded school districts are a problem across the State, I have been able to secure additional funds for Red Bank and Freehold Borough. My office has personally assisted hundreds of individuals after Superstorm Sandy who were looking for guidance in the rebuilding process. My office has worked in tandem with the numerous non profits created in the district to reach out to Sandy-effected homeowners and get them back in their homes. Just this year, I was able to work with the Affordable Housing Alliance to put in place a public-private partnership for the 2 housing complexes to ensure that eligible families could remain in the same apartments they lived in for over a decade. I’m not done fighting for the residents of Monmouth County and I look forward to speaking with residents throughout my district in the coming year.”


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4 Comments on “Beck Is Enthusiastic About Gopal’s Challenge”

  1. The Bayshore Bulldog said at 7:48 pm on January 3rd, 2017:

    Jen Beck is a liberal RINO and a loser. She can’t defeat Vin Gopal who has access to more money than she has. She should step aside and let a Real Conservative take her place.

  2. Looks Like... said at 12:12 am on January 4th, 2017:

    Barbara is off her meds again.

  3. If anyone said at 4:09 pm on January 4th, 2017:

    can take Vin down, it’s Jen: she is very persistent and will outwork him, even though he will be gifted with lots of money. Again, she needs two established and successful running mates with name i d in the district, a coherent message, and a few good places to divest from Gov C..

  4. Jimmy Jones said at 3:37 pm on January 9th, 2017:

    You will see that she will wipe the floor with him….despite his BIG MONEY.

    What is he going to say? I backed every losing candidate for how many years?

    I’m not a super fan of Beck…but she is head and shoulders above that slime