Latino Coalition CPC Endorses Christine Hanlon for Monmouth County Clerk

Oh boy.  Things just went from bad to worse for Vin Gopal and the Monmouth County Democrats:

Frank Argote-Freyre

Frank Argote-Freyre, Chairman of the Latino Coalition Continuing Political Committee. photo via facebook

The Latino Coalition Continuing Political Committee (LC-CPC) announced today its support for incumbent Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon because of her forward thinking pledge to modernize the clerk’s office.

“Many of the clerk’s staff are still using typewriters to conduct business on a daily basis,” said Frank Argote-Freyre, Chair of the LC-CPC. “The Latino Coalition believes she is the right person to bring the office into the 21st Century.”

At a meeting with the Coalition, Hanlon pledged to provide more information in Spanish on the county’s website. Hanlon also said she plans to improve the Clerk’s office by adding e-filing, providing more information online, and creating a more mobile friendly office, including a forms portal for online submission of many county forms.

In contrast, her opponent, Democrat Kevin Kane never responded to a request for a meeting with the Latino Coalition.

“Kane has served for many years as a Councilman in Freehold Borough and has done absolutely nothing to improve relations between the immigrant community and the more established residents,” said Argote-Freyre. “When former Mayor Michael Wilson tried to force Latino immigrants from the borough through a series of unethical actions, Kane sat silently and did nothing to foster a climate of understanding.”

“If he brings the same do-nothing attitude to the county the clerk’s office it will quickly fall into disarray,” Argote-Freyre concluded.

Hanlon pledged that, if elected, she will work closely with the community to hold regular workshops on issues of importance, such as voter registration and voting by mail.

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2 Comments on “Latino Coalition CPC Endorses Christine Hanlon for Monmouth County Clerk”

  1. We need to hope said at 9:39 am on October 21st, 2015:

    that the county Dems keep dropping obvious balls- we are still outnumbered in Monmouth in declared voter registrations now by many thousands, so, 2016 can be problematic, if we are not bright and on our toes.

  2. Batista said at 7:47 am on October 23rd, 2015:

    Why court support from groups that advocates for ILLEGAL aliens? These people can’t even vote. Why the endorsment from a “coalition” of socialists and commumists? Mr Freyre is a vocal supporter of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Both “coalition” leaders have ties with the World Workers Party. Republicans need this support?