Booker Condemns False Endorsement in Asbury Park Mayoral Race

booker-endorsement-cleaner-screen-shotIn Asbury Park, a post card purported to be from Asbury Park Democrats, LLC has been mailed to voters with Senator Cory Booker’s endorsement of A-Team candidate for mayor Redmond Palmer.

Booker took to twitter to deny he endorsed anyone in the race.  Asbury Park Democratic Chairman Joe Grillo took a break from his fledgling campaign for Monmouth County Freeholder to say that the Asbury Park Democrats have not endorsed anyone in the mayoral race.

Media mogul Dan Jacobson has the full story at AsburyOverheard.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor should investigate this incident.  It is similar offense to the 4am robo call in the 13th legislative district primary in June of 2013 for which Leigh-Ann Bellew’s campaign manager Dwayne Horner was indicted.


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2 Comments on “Booker Condemns False Endorsement in Asbury Park Mayoral Race”

  1. Jim Granelli said at 6:46 pm on November 2nd, 2014:

    This Asbury race is some mess isn’t it?

    Suspicious absentee ballot matters, bogus endorsement. What’s next?

  2. I'll tell ya what's next: said at 9:38 pm on November 2nd, 2014:

    No matter who wins, Asbury will continue to be something money is flushed down. It will continue to be an example of how liberal policies, combined with no responsibility or oversight with consequences for waste and abuse, never solve an urban locality’s problems. Shame on these Dems for again exploiting the lovely little city for their own selfish gains, only to never really help them change things. One can only hope that on Tuesday night, we will see some hope nationally, that citizens/taxpayers/ voters have finally awakened and will have said: “hell, no, this is not good enough:” Republicans also had better wake up, now, and provide a better agenda for people to get behind, or, God forbid, we get stuck with Hillary in two years!! Forewarned is forearmed: pay attention,now, and vote like your life depends on it- it does, more than ever!