Neptune City Council Race Tied

Rick Pryor

Neptune City Councilman Richard Pryor

Neptune City Councilman Richard Pryor, a Republican, is tied with Democratic challenger Michael Skudera now that the provisional ballots have been counted.

In the post-Election Day machine count, Pryor trailed Skudera by one vote.

Barring a change in the tally due to a recount, which neither side has announced, there will be a run-off election between Pryor and Skudera, on a date to be determined, most likely in mid-December.

Republicans are said to be reviewing the Vote-By-Mail applications from the City prior to deciding whether to file for a recount. Operatives of the notorious Asbury Park “A Team” are rumored to have managed the Vote-By-Mail operation for the Democrats.

Following two municipal elections in Asbury Park, sufficient Vote-By-Mail ballots were disqualified during recounts and after litigation to alter the election results.

Legislation was passed and signed into law this year which limited the number of voters a single person could act as a messenger for in delivering Vote-By-Mail ballots. ┬áThe new legislation was largely a response to “A Team’s” tactics.

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One Comment on “Neptune City Council Race Tied”

  1. Wow- go, Rick! said at 3:45 pm on November 9th, 2015:

    See, folks, this is the stuff we Republicans must constantly pay attention to and address- locally, in county, and in our legislative districts: these “viruses,” the sneaky Dems, will stop at nothing,to worm their way in, and it doesn’t matter to them how they get it done- and, it’s no coincidence that little Neptune City’s right next door to “big-bad” Neptune, which blasted out the ladies of District 11,this year- anyone with a few extra campaign dollars: it would be great if they call up the councilman or the chair there, Mal Carton, and help Rick get back in there: we need to use this as an example of how we,as a party,won’t stand for anything but full, free, and FAIR competition, in our quests to become leaders of people!