Oxley judicial nomination on hold over FBI files

The Star Ledger is reporting that Joe Oxley’s nomination to the New Jersey Superior Court is in jeopardy because the U.S. Justice Department will not release FBI files from the investigation into the former sheriff resulting from Solomon Dwek’s allegations.

Dwek accused Oxley of sharing information about foreclosures before such information became public, thereby giving the real estate swindler a leg up to acquire those properties. No wrong doing was discovered during the FBI investigation which included recording Oxley.

State Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), a member of the judiciary committee that screens judicial nominations, filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the Oxley files after The Star Ledger reported there existence last June.  The FBI declined the request, citing Oxley’s privacy.  Oxley did not respond to Lesniak’s request that he authorize the release of the files.  The Justice Department declined Lesniak’s appeal if the initial rejection.

State Senator Nicolas Scutari, chairman the the senate judiciary committee, was non-commital about Oxley’s nomination:

“I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely over, but I would say that’s certainly a piece of information that we’d like and it does jeopardize it to some degree,” he said. “I don’t think Senator Lesniak is wrong in requesting that information.”

Oxley declined to comment and referred questions to Governor Christie’s office.

Oxley, an attorney in private practice, could have numerous legitimate reasons, including attorney-client privilege, for declining to authorize the release of his recorded conversations.

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4 Comments on “Oxley judicial nomination on hold over FBI files”

  1. brian said at 11:28 am on October 23rd, 2012:

    Hmmmm–a NJ politico with a shady background—that’s a first!!

  2. I Wonder How Jennifer Beck Feels? said at 11:55 am on October 23rd, 2012:

    She too sits on the Judiciary Committee. She also received campaign contributions from Solomon Dwek. When it became known about Dwek’s dubious past, Jennifer donated the funds to charity. Only problem, she refused a constituents’ request for proof of such donation. This is the same Beck that wants government agencies to be transparent; except when it comes to her.

    Why doesn’t Joe and Jennifer want transparency?

  3. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Christie defends Oxley nomination said at 2:36 pm on October 23rd, 2012:

    […] Wire, the pay sister site of Politickernj, is reporting that Governor Chris Christie said that the controversy State Senator Ray Lesniak is making over former Monmouth County Sheriff Joe Oxley’s nomination as a Superior Court […]

  4. This is what happens said at 3:52 pm on October 23rd, 2012:

    When we can’t win a majority in either house. They play politics and hold up anything they can. This is very old news, but the D’s are great at grandstanding,and the willing press will regurgitate anything tantalizing to sell a few more pathetic papers. This guy ruined many lives to save his own pathetic one. Should officials be wary ? Of course. Keep them all at arm’s length and accept only small contributions is the safest way to go. Have a good treasurer and auditor and keep your nose clean. But, enough of this guy,really.