Mitt Romney wants you to see this video

Matt Rhoades, Mitt Romney’s campaign manager, says,

President Obama claims his “you didn’t build that” quote has been taken out of context, but as you can see in this video — released by his own campaign — the quote in question is insulting and the context is even worse.

Clearly this President’s whole philosophy on the American Dream is upside down. It’s time to make a change.

Mitt Romney understands success is not the result of government, it is the result of hardworking people who take risks, create dreams, and build lives for themselves and their families.

So if you watch only one video during this election, watch this one. And if you share one video on Facebook, Twitter or email during this election, share this one.

Watch the video, judge President Obama’s mixed-up ideology for yourself, and spread the word:

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One Comment on “Mitt Romney wants you to see this video”

  1. Joe Killeen said at 8:48 am on July 27th, 2012:

    I started off in life with a lineage that included longshoremen on both sides of my family, as far back as anyone remembered. The longshoremen in the crowd shots of “On the Waterfront” time. Over time I worked my way up the food chain and built a trucking business that employed well over a 1,000 people over the years.
    As I taught myself how to run that business I was fascinated almost daily about what you could do, legally, with the right pencil. Deduction for this, way around that, go see this guy and bring X. You get my point. The list would be infinite and the point lost if I went on. You have business’, corporations and entire industries that enjoy more angles that are built into the law and control the process than you can shake a stick at.
    Exon, BP and the mining industry in this country are reporting, in public, record profits while receiving 5 BILLION in subsidies or that equivalent, year in and year out for the last 30 years.
    It is cuckoo for anyone to think they can over look the facts and the reality. The fool some of the folks some of the time axiom is true and trying to cover that over with brimstone and more of the same old don’t cut it anymore. One man’s subsidies is another man’s incentives.