School Days, School Daze

Thanks to the left stream media America is learning that while a student at an elite Michigan prep school, Mitt Romney was a prankster who sometimes went too far.  At least two of his pranks were cruel bullying incidents.  He lead a blind teacher to walk into a closed door and he traumatised an apparently gay classmate, who later came out, by forcefully cutting off his bleached blond hair, according to a poorly sourced exposé in the Washington Post.

Thanks to the right stream media, sourced in part by Barack Obama himself, we are learning, four years late, that while in high school the President was a heavy drinker, pot and cocaine user, who hung out with communist radicals.   He bullied a “plump, dark” Black girl.

In recent weeks we’ve also learned that Romney transported his dog to a family vacation on the roof of his car and that Obama ate dog.

We’re likely to be in for a lot more of these types of stories over the next six months.  We’ll also be in for disingenuous complaining from both the right and left about each others tactics.   All of this is a positive development for America.

Especially at the presidential level, it is the duty of political opponents to do thorough opposition research and to pitch what they find to the media.  If the free media doesn’t run with the findings, it is the duty of political opponents to buy media to expose their opponent’s foibles.  Then the free media will investigate, report and opine on the veractity of the charges.   It is the duty of responsible journalists to verify or debunk opposition research pitched to them and the public and report accordingly.

The traditional media, which is leftist for the most part, took a break from its presidential vetting duty in 2008.  Likewise, Barack Obama’s political opposition, the Clintons and John McCain, took a pass on vetting Obama.  The Obama camp and the traditional leftist media brilliantly employed the race card to thwart Obama’s vetting.

Both Obama and Romney should be vetted, by each other’s campaign and by the media, over the next six months.  It is not unprecedented for the media to vette an incumbent President.  CBS’s Dan Rather famously got in wrong and lost his job over Memogate during George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign. 

As we enter the vetting season, one of the side benefits will be that the biases of the vetters will be revealed to a skeptical public.   As the Internet continues to transform how we get our information and plays a more significant role in political campaigns, the truth that there is no such thing as an unbiased media source will become more and more apparent.



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4 Comments on “School Days, School Daze”

  1. Bob English said at 3:57 pm on May 12th, 2012:

    Candidates should definitely be vetted.

    Note that in President Obama’s 1995 book titled “Dreams Of My Father” he admitted to abusing illegal substances and other transgressions especially while in high school. By the time he was running for President in 2008, this info had been public for 13 years and did not seem to have any effect on voters.

  2. Tom Stokes said at 4:52 pm on May 12th, 2012:

    OMG, if we were all put under a microscope for what we did way back in HS (in my case, a Prep school), very few of us would be proud of some of the stunts we pulled….

    I don’t care that BHO ate dog meat, or pushed a girl (even if it was a “composite” girl) and yelled at her while he was in grammar school; what would matter is if during college or later, he was into drugs like cocaine or befriending people who were planting bombs.

    What really matters is what the incumbent is doing to promote economic growth and more jobs for all. Not promoting himself and big government.

    The distraction over same sex marriage is just that – a distraction. What heterosexuals and homosexuals can agree on, whether male or female, is that we first need a rapidly improving economy with enough new jobs created for all able bodied men and women who need them.

    Then we can, and should, engage in discussions over other issues. Hopefully we can engage in these discussions without the stupidity of calling those with whom we disagree “racists”, “homophobes”, “bigots”, fascists”, or “commies”, “queers” etc. So much for civil discourse under the current administration.

    Hope and Change? Nope. Hype and Blame.

    It’s Time for a Change!

  3. Sancho Panza said at 1:02 am on May 13th, 2012:

    @”This info had been public for 13 years and did not seem to have any effect on voters.”
    Obama’s partisans clearly endorse illegal drugs. That is of a piece a large number of other evil social, financial and cultural ills.

  4. mlaffey said at 10:04 am on May 13th, 2012:

    Is there anyone who can say they never did anything in high school that they are ashamed of today?