Menendez’s Self-Serving Double Standard

Menendez calls for ‘system controls’ when JP Morgan makes a risky bet with its own money, but looks the other way when individuals and families lose their savings with MF Global

Middletown, May 15…When individuals and their families lost their savings with MF Global, Bob Menendez protected his ally Jon Corzine by steering the Senate Banking Committee’s investigation away from the CEO’s role in the collapse. Yet, when asked about JP Morgan’s loss resulting from a risky bet, Menendez called for ‘system controls.’  Menendez’s self-serving double standard of protecting his political allies- like Jon Corzine and the rest of the executive team- while calling for everyone else to play by the rules has got to stop.

“The collapse of MF Global and the risky bet placed by JP Morgan clearly demonstrate that regulators need to take a closer look at Wall Street practices and institute reforms to protect investors and the economy as a whole,” said Joe Kyrillos, who has been calling for Menendez to recuse himself from the banking committee’s investigation citing conflict of interest.

“People who took advantage of the lack of controls on Wall Street need to be held accountable. Menendez has again proved that he is not willing to put his personal ties aside to serve as an unbiased congressional investigator. The people of New Jersey deserve someone who is looking out for their best interests- not the best interests of past political cronies.”

Two Piscataway physicians, Drs. John and Alieta Eck, who provide charity medical care to the needy, had an investment account with MF Global that was completely wiped out as a result of the collapse. The Doctors Eck lost $200,000 and rightly demand answers from a thorough Senate investigation.

“The fact that Menendez failed to even mention the CEO Jon Corzine by name demonstrates that he is putting his personal relationship with the CEO ahead of the customers of MF global and the people of New Jersey. This requires a fair and comprehensive investigation, not a political whitewash,” said Dr. John Eck.

In an interview on MSNBC yesterday discussing the JP Morgan loss, Menendez said, “What I care about is not an individual, I care about a system. Having system controls to ensure that no matter who is at the head of a company, this can’t happen.”

It is clear Menendez doesn’t care about holding ‘individuals’ accountable. See no evil. Hear no evil. Time and again, he has proved unwilling to put his oversight role on the Senate Banking Committee above his self-serving double standard. The people of New Jersey can no longer afford to play second fiddle to Menendez’s political allies.

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